2021 Best of Lancaster

Give Thanks 

As we negotiate this second year of the pandemic, it’s become obvious that living in the new normal has led us to become very dependent upon a special group of people who have come to be known as frontline and essential workers. As we’ve come to discover, they truly are the cogs that keep the world turning. From a pandemic perspective, they’ve helped us stay healthy. They’ve helped us keep our refrigerators and pantries stocked. They’ve helped to make a night out at a favorite restaurant safe and enjoyable. They’ve cared for our pets. They’ve welcomed us to the parks and other outdoor areas that provide a connection to the natural world. They’ve kept us looking good. They’ve helped us keep our homes cozy and comfortable. 

In this month of giving thanks, be sure to express your gratitude to healthcare workers, grocery store staff, delivery drivers, bus drivers, teachers, the staffs at veterinary hospitals, staff and volunteers at animal shelters, maintenance personnel, your hair stylist and the list goes on. As is often pointed out: We’re all in this together.  

We’re thankful for the farmers whose work enables us to enjoy fresh food on a year-round basis through making purchases at farm stands, subscribing to CSAs and shopping at markets such as Lancaster Central Market, Root’s Country Market, Cherry Hill Orchards, Green Dragon Market and others. Our grocery stores are also embracing the “buy local” concept. Photo by Jordan Bush.



1. Gracie’s On West Main 

2. Gus’s Keystone Family Restaurant

3. Whisk Café

Weekend Brunch

1. Eden Resort & Suites

2. Gracie’s On West Main 

3. Rachel’s Café & Creperie


1. Isaac’s Restaurants

2. Rachel’s Café & Creperie

3. Tomato Pie Café


1. The Belvedere Inn

2. (tie) Ciro’s Italian Bistro and Horse Inn

Celebrating/Special Occasion

1. The Belvedere Inn 

2. The Log Cabin 


Casual Dining

1. Mick’s All American Pub 

2. Funck’s Restaurant

3. (tie) Annie Bailey’s Irish Public House; Loxley’s Restaurant & Patio Bar and Lancaster Brewing Company 


1. Frisco’s Chicken 

2. Two Cousins Pizza 

3. Caruso’s 

Outdoor Dining

1. Loxley’s Restaurant & Patio Bar 

2. Funck’s Restaurant 

3. T.J. Rockwell’s American Grill & Tavern 

Hotel Restaurant

1. Arthur’s Terrace and Garfield’s Restaurant – Eden Resort & Suites

2. Plough – Lancaster Marriott 

3. (tie) Loxley’s Restaurant & Patio Bar – Heritage Hotel and
Osteria Avanti – The Inn at Leola Village


1. Bulls Head Public House 

2. Annie Bailey’s Irish Public House

3. Quips Pub 

New Restaurant

1. Frisco’s Chicken  

2. Agapē Café & Grille  

3. Tied House  

Pictured left to right are Will Hash (bartender, 6.5 years); Lindsay Bretz-Morgan (assistant manager, 6 years); John Costanzo (managing partner, 10 years); Nate Allen (sous chef, 3 years) and (seated) Zach Fortney (chef aboyeur, 4 years). Photo by Nick Gould.

The Belvedere Inn 

Best Restaurant for Dinner
Best Restaurant for Celebrating/Special Occasions 

Christmas Eve is probably The Belvedere’s busiest night of the year. Last year, however, the restaurant was empty, as the state prohibited restaurants from offering indoor dining from early December through New Year’s because of a surge in Covid cases. “We were fully decorated, too,” recalls bartender Will Hash, who helped to install The Belvedere’s famed holiday decorations just before Thanksgiving. “It was kind of sad,” he says. 

It seems fans of the restaurant are determined to celebrate the holidays in the manner to which they are accustomed in 2021. In late September, managing partner John Costanzo reported, “We’re almost fully booked for Christmas Eve,” and added that reservations for holiday dining were already being made in the waning days of summer. 

After making it through three closures in the past 20 months, The Belvedere is back to full speed. “This last time, we went from zero to crazy-busy overnight,” says John. “We’re busy every day of the week. We are so thankful for the community support we’ve received.” 

Fortunately, The Belvedere is also nearing fully staffed status. “We had about 95% of our staff return after months of the shutdown,” John notes. The Belvedere is unique in that many of its staff members have been with the restaurant for years and were anxious to return. “We truly value them,” says John. Chef Zach Fortney, who has been at The Belvedere for four years, is thankful to be working there. “It was a scary situation,” he says of the closures. “But the owners and management team were so accommodating and went out of their way to make sure we were all OK. I’ll always be appreciative of that.” Zach explains that during closures, the staff stayed busy working on remodeling projects and updating the menu.   

Specialties of the House


1. Horse Inn 

2. Johnny’s Bar & Steakhouse

3. The Log Cabin 


1. Kyma Seafood 

2. Gibraltar Restaurant 

3. Mr. Bill’s/The Fat Crab Café


1. Harvey’s Main Street BBQ 

2. Rocky’s BBQ 

3. Hess’s Barbecue Catering


1. Cabalar Meat Co. 

2. Horse Inn

3. (tie) Lancaster Brewing Company and Mick’s All American Pub 


1. Isaac’s Restaurants 

2. The Grille 

3. Caruso’s 


1. Caruso’s 

2. Two Cousins Pizza

3. A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza 


1. American Bar & Grill 

2. Beanie’s Bar & Grill 

3. (tie) Mick’s All American Pub and Mosby’s Pub 


1. Cocina Mexicana 

2. El Serrano Restaurant  

3. Walk-O Taco 


1. Wasabi 

2. Ginza Sushi 

3. Mojo Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar 


1. Root 

2. Taj Mahal

3. Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar


1. Ciro’s Italian Bistro 

2. Lombardo’s Restaurant 

3. Nonna Rosa Traditional Italian Kitchen 

Mexican/Latin American

1. El Serrano Restaurant 

2. Cocina Mexicana 

3. Fuego Latino Restaurant & Catering


1. Hong Kong Garden 

2. Yang’s Restaurant 

3. Café East Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar


1. Issei Noodle 

2. Oka Asian Fusion 

3. SukoThai Restaurant 


1. Himalayan Curry & Grill 

2. Taj Mahal 

3. Namaste Restaurant

PA Dutch

1. Shady Maple Smorgasbord 

2. The Restaurant at Oregon Dairy 

3. Dienner’s Country Restaurant 

Beer Selection

1. Funck’s Restaurant 

2. Bert’s Bottle Shop 

3. The Fridge 

Wine/Spirits Selection

1. Horse Inn 

2. (tie) Gibraltar Restaurant and Amorette 


1. Beiler’s Doughnuts 

2. Bistro Barberet & Bakery

3. Fox Meadows Creamery 


Left to right: Connor Watts, Mariela Pagan, Tammy Adams, Connor Sylvester and Cathy Sharp. Photo by Jordan Bush.

Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

Best Grocery/Food Store 

Longevity seems to be a theme at Stauffers of Kissel Hill. At the Lititz store, bulk specialist, Tammy Adams, has been with the company for 25 years. Connor Sylvester, who works in the produce department, started when he was a sophomore in high school and is now a sophomore in college, majoring in accounting. Mariela Pagan, the store’s deli manager, has been on the job for four years, while Connor Watts, the assistant manager in seafood, has worked in the store for nearly four years. Cathy Sharp, the kitchen manager, is the newbie of the group, having started 10 months ago. “This team has been amazing,” says store manager Duane Yoder of the store’s 225 employees who helped Stauffers’ customers negotiate the new normal where grocery shopping is concerned. “They’ve stepped up to the plate time and time again,” says Duane, who has been with the company for 28 years. “They’ve come in early and left late. They’ve worked in other departments.” A few even “floated” to Stauffers’ newest store in Mount Joy that celebrated its grand opening in September. 

Grocery/Food Store

1. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 


3. Weis Markets 

Prepared Food

1. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

2. (tie) Oregon Dairy and GIANT

Farm Market/Pick-Your-Own

1. Cherry Hill Orchards 

2. Lancaster Central Market 

3. Root’s Country Market 

Coffee/Tea Shop

1. Coffee Co 

2. Speckled Hen Coffee

3. Mean Cup 

Food Truck

1. Walk-O Taco 

2. Souvlaki Boys 

3. Lancaster Burger Company 


1. Achenbach’s Pastries 

2. The Bake Shoppe at Oregon Dairy 

3. Stauffers of Kissel Hill

Specialty Cakes

1. Byers Butterflake Bakery 

2. The Bake Shoppe at Oregon Dairy 

3. Lancaster Cupcake 


1. Vigi’s Parties 

2. (tie) Harvey’s Main Street BBQ and Enck’s Custom Catering 

Pretzels/Snack Foods

1. (tie) Hammond’s Pretzels and Auntie Anne’s 

2. Dutch Country Soft Pretzels 

Ice Cream

1. Fox Meadows Creamery 

2. Pine View Dairy 

3. Turkey Hill Dairy


1. Nissley Vineyards & Winery Estate 

2. Waltz Vineyards Estate Winery 

3. Grandview Vineyard 


1. Spring House Brewing Company 

2. Mad Chef Craft Brewing 

3. Lancaster Brewing Company 

Things To See & Do


Stephen Byers and Deb Martin Berkoski. Photo by Jordan Bush.

Long’s Park 

Best Park/Recreation Area 

In 2020, Long’s Park essentially became Lancaster’s backyard. Bored from looking at the same four walls, people descended on the 80-acre park to enjoy al fresco dining. “You name the restaurant and we probably saw bags and boxes from them in our trash cans,” says Deb Martin Berkoski, the park’s maintenance supervisor of 23 years. The park also provided a place where kids could run off pent-up energy. For many dog walkers, Long’s Park is a regular destination. As one couple we encountered explained, they are at the park nearly every day to walk their dog around the lake, after which they enjoy a cup of coffee and read the newspaper “in their favorite spot.” 

Keeping the park in pristine condition has been a challenge. Civitas Lancaster (formerly the Lancaster Sertoma) is a primary benefactor, as it contributes valuable funding through its annual chicken barbecue that was canceled in 2020 and was postponed in 2021 until October. The value of the organization’s support was especially evident in May of this year, when heavy storms caused catastrophic damage in the park – 120 trees were lost or damaged. Fortunately, Deb had just hired Stephen Byers, who happens to be a certified arborist. “I don’t know what we would have done without him,” she says. 

Another stroke of luck occurred when a regular visitor took Deb aside and offered to provide the funds that were needed to improve and beautify the island in the lake. “It’s probably one of the most recognizable places in the park and it was looking bad,” Deb says. Civitas was able to provide funds for the project, as well, plus a company agreed to provide the large, flower-filled containers that now decorate the bridge. “A lot of proposals have happened on this bridge,” Deb says. “And, the gazebo has been the site of quite a few weddings.”  

Park/Recreation Area

1. Long’s Park

2. Lancaster County Central Park

3. (tie) Lititz Springs Park and Muddy Run Park

Live Music Venue

1. Tellus360 

2. American Music Theatre 

3. Long’s Park 

Performing Arts

1. The Fulton Theatre 

2. Sight & Sound Theatres 

3. Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre 

Art Gallery

1. Liz Hess Gallery 

2. Mulberry Art Studios 

3. CityFolk Gallery 

Museum/Heritage Site

1. Landis Valley Museum 

2. North Museum of Nature and Science 

3. LancasterHistory 

Golf Course

1. Foxchase Golf Club

2. Lancaster Country Club 

3. (tie) Four Seasons Golf Club and Crossgates Golf Club 

Family Fun

1. Dutch Wonderland 

2. Hersheypark 

3. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Special Occasion Venue

1. The Star Barn Village at Stone Gables Estate

2. The Inn at Leola Village 

3. Melhorn Manor 


Kristin Green. Photo by Jordan Bush.

Tangles Salon 

Best Hair Salon 

Kristin Green has been a hair stylist for 35 years and a salon owner for 19 of those years. She moved to Rohrerstown in 2008, opening Tangles after devoting time to renovating one of the Victorian-era homes that define Marietta Avenue. Having to close for four months beginning in March 2020 and be idle for that long seemed so foreign to her. “I’ve never taken that much time off work,” she says. “Not even when I had my kids.” Still, she persevered and used the time to work on the digital training course she is developing for new stylists. She conducted Zoom meetings every Thursday with her 17 stylists and employees. She also treated them to a social-distance-style picnic in the salon’s backyard in late spring. “I thought it was important to stay connected,” she says. 

When she was given the green light to reopen in July, Kristin took it slow. “I was here by myself for the first week,” she explains. “I wanted to let the other stylists know what to expect. It gave me a chance to compile a list of the things they would need to bring to the salon on a day-to-day basis,” she says of necessities such as water, lunch, snacks, etc. “We had to change our hours in order to create time mid-day for cleaning,” she notes. 

When the salon reopened, clients responded. “I was so happy to see clients again,” Kristin says. “This business is about much more than cutting and styling hair. It’s about building relationships.” 

Hair Salon

1. Tangles Salon 

2. Glamour Room 

3. (tie) Attitudes Hair & Nail Salon and Luxe Salon & Spa

Specialty Shop/Boutique/Vintage

1. Space 

2. Clemintines 

3. Knock Knock Boutique 


1. Fashion Cents Consignment 

2. Stock Swap Furniture Consignments 

3. Next to New Fine Clothing 

Thrift Store

1. CommunityAid 

2. (tie) Main Street Closet and Jubilee Ministries 


1. Koser Jewelers 

2. Brent L. Miller Jewelers & Goldsmiths 

3. Ream Jewelers 

Barber Shop

1. The Black Comb 

2. Gentlemen’s Barbershop 

3. Gary & Joel’s Barber Shop 

Tattoo Artist

1. (tie) Dreams Collide Tattoo and Mehndi Sol

2. Transcending Flesh 


1. Modern Spa & Nails 

2. Luxe Salon & Spa

3. (tie) Pinkies N Toes Nail Studio and Attitudes Hair & Nail Salon 


1. Luxe Salon & Spa 

2. Visage a’ Visage Day Spa & Salon 

3. The Spa at Leola Village 


Fitness/Rec Center

1. Universal Athletic Club 

2. Lampeter-Strasburg YMCA 

3. Hempfield recCenter 

Yoga/Specialty Studio

1. Evolution Power Yoga 

2. West End Yoga Studio 

3. Blaze Yoga Lancaster 


1. Millersville Lions Club Pool 

2. Lititz Springs Pool 

3. Willowood Swim Club 

Bike Shop

1. Lancaster Bicycle Shop

2. Martins Bike Shop 

3. The Common Wheel 

Biking/Hiking/Jogging Trail

1. Northwest Lancaster County River Trail 

2. Warwick-to-Ephrata Rail-Trail 

3. Turkey Hill Overlook Trail 

Home & Garden

Angel Irizarry (left) and Bryan Rivera. Photo by Jordan Bush.


Best Interior Design
Best Furniture/Home Accessories 

In truth, INTERIORS HOME inspired our salute to frontline and essential workers. Back in January, I stopped by the store as part of research for a feature I was doing for the March issue. I decided then and there that I would treat myself to a new recliner. Suzanne Hoffman helped me select one and estimated a delivery date of sometime in March. Unfortunately, serious supply-chain issues began to affect the industry and March came and went. With each passing month, Suzanne would send me an email apologizing for the delay and providing me with updates and a new estimate for delivery. Then, voilà, a notice arrived that delivery would be taking place in August. The two men who delivered the chair could not have been nicer and made a lasting impression. 

Delivery foreman Bryan Rivera and his assistant, Angel Irizarry, were obviously cut from the same mold. We met them for a photo-op at one of their stops in Lititz. Bryan has been on the job for nearly four years, while Angel is new to the company. Bryan says the two months he was idle at the onset of the pandemic were not easy to deal with. “It was a blessing to be able to come back to work,” he says. “I’m the kind of person who has to be constantly doing something. I’m not one to sit around.” He says he likes his job because of the variety it provides. “I get to drive all over Central PA – but mostly Lancaster County,” he says. “Sometimes we even get to make a delivery to the beach!”  

Senior interior designer Pia Cyrulnik has high praise for the delivery department’s personnel. “I am on many customer deliveries. I can say with great relief and pride that INTERIORS’ delivery guys and coordinators are incredible!” she says. “They are warm and friendly. They are respectful. We are blessed with courteous guys who understand they are the last part of the sale and are as important as the first!”

FYI: INTERIORS HOME was named the Retailer of the Year in 2020 by the National Home Furnishings Association. 

Interior Design


2. Heritage Design Interiors

3. Henrietta Heisler Interiors

Residential Builder/Remodeler

1. Metzler Home Builders 

2. (tie) Dutch Quality Contractors and Garman Builders 


1. (tie) KbE Design & Build and Bomberger’s Store 

2. (tie) Horizon Kitchens and Kitchen Encounters 


1. Joyland Roofing 

2. George J. Grove & Son, Inc.

3. Greenawalt Roofing 


1. Martin’s Flooring 

2. Bomberger’s Store

3. Adair’s Brunnerville Flooring 


1. (tie) Choice Home Remodeling and George J. Grove & Son, Inc. 

2. (tie) GR Mitchell and Klausmair Construction 


1. Yale Lighting Concepts 

2. The Lighting Gallery 

3. Olde Mill House Shoppes 


1. Two Dudes Painting Company

2. Ville Painters 

3. (tie) Joel’s Painting & Contracting and Barry Hoover Painting & Paperhanging


1. JK Mechanical 

2. (tie) Ranck Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning and Neffsville Plumbing & Heating Services

Electrical Work

1. M. Goodman Electric 

2. Lapp Electric 

3. Haller Enterprises 

Carpet Cleaning

1. Certified Carpet 

2. Martin’s Flooring 

3. The Rug Beaters 

Furniture/Home Accessories


2. (tie) Cocalico Creek Home and Heritage Design Interiors 

Paint/Wallcovering Center

1. Phillips Paint & Decorating Center 

2. Bomberger’s Store

3. Grauer’s Paint & Decorating

Appliance Center

1. Martin Appliance 

2. LH Brubaker Appliances 

3. Brubaker Inc. 

Hardware Center

1. JB Hostetter & Sons 

2. Bomberger’s Store

3. EM Herr Farm & Home Center 

Garden Center/Greenhouse

1. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

2. Esbenshade’s Garden Centers & Greenhouse 

3. Ken’s Gardens 

Landscape Design

1. Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care, Landscape & Pest Control 

2. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

3. Landscape Impressions 

Lawn/Yard Maintenance

1. Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care, Landscape & Pest Control 

2. (tie) Tom Jones Landscape & Lawn Care and Landscape Impressions

Outdoor-Living Center

1. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

2. Penn Stone 

3. Bowman’s Stove & Patio 

Floral Design

1. Floral Designs of Mount Joy 

2. (tie) Royer’s Flowers & Gifts and Riverside Blooms 

Professional Services


1. Brad Rauch – Cloister Group 

2. Brian Rosenberg – Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz 

3. (tie) Terry Shepps – The Shepps Group and Douglas Loeffler – Loeffler Financial Group 


1. Thomas (TJ) Sabatino – Georgelis Injury Law Firm 

2. Anthony Georgelis – Georgelis Injury Law Firm 

3. Kevin Dolan – Nikolaus & Hohenadel 

Insurance Agent

1. Lee Kennedy – State Farm 

2. Bart Ziegler – Olweiler Insurance Agency 

3. Greg Sallade – State Farm 

Real Estate Agent

1. Craig Hartranft – Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Realty 

2. Nicole Messina – Coldwell Banker Realty

3. Brittany Garner – Life Changes Realty Group 

Bank/Credit Union

1. Members 1st Federal Credit Union 

2. Fulton Bank 

3. Belco Community Credit Union 


1. Richard Waine – Richard Waine Photography 

2. Stacy Kleinhaus – Stacy Parmarter Photography 

3. Jeremy Hess – Jeremy Hess Photographers 


Left to right are: Dr. Julia Bossert, DVM; Cindy Bingeman, Client Services; Julie Whaley, CVT; Sarah Dohren, VT; and Dr. Beth Nelms, VMD. The “Metro family” canine members include Splash, Elia, Kodi and Finale. Photo by Nick Gould.

Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital 

Best Veterinary Practice 

Pandemic or no pandemic, just like us, our pets need regular care. Add in the fact that people have been adopting pets in record numbers since the onset of the pandemic and you know why veterinary practices have been working nonstop. Such is the case at Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital. Who knew it would be such a “hopping” place at 9 a.m. on a Thursday! The waiting area was cuteness overload. Two clients we met in the driveway were being pulled along by two very energetic and adorable 11-week-old beagles. “I don’t know what we were thinking but we couldn’t say no,” one of the pet parents said of taking on two rambunctious puppies.

Metro Pet Vet, which consists of the Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital and locations in Leola and Downtown Lancaster, is owned by Dr. Jeffrey Steed, who purchased the original Manheim Pike practice (it dates to 1964) from its founders, Drs. Herr and Thompson, in 2000. He added the Leola location in 2015 and opened the downtown office almost three years ago. Last year Metro Pet Vet was named by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) as its Practice of the Year. It’s obvious the Metro staff is composed of animal lovers. Their website bios contain pictures in which they hold signs that report how many “feet” dwell in their homes. Incredibly, they number as high as 40!

Veterinary Practice

1. Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital

2. Landisville Animal Hospital

3. Willow Run Veterinary Clinic

Pet Store

1. That Fish Place – That Pet Place 

2. Keystone Pet Place 

3. Basset & Lab 

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

1. Stacy Bates – Paws’n’Tails 


1. Pat’s Pet Grooming 

2. Gochenauer Kennels 

3. (tie) Country Pets Grooming; The Foxy Hound and Keystone Pet Place 

Pet Boarding/Daycare

1. Gochenauer Kennels 

2. Canine Country Club 

3. Oscar’s Pet Resort 

Rescue Organization

1. Pet Pantry of Lancaster County 

2. Pennsylvania SPCA Lancaster Center 

3. (tie) Speranza Animal Rescue and Humane League of Lancaster County 



1. Providence Autos 

2. Lancaster Toyota 

3. Lancaster County Motors Subaru 


1. Dean Fry – Autohaus Lancaster 

2. (tie) Linardo “Lino” De La Rosa – Chapman Ford Lancaster; Rick Pontz – Keller Bros. Ford; Ron Bezzard – Lancaster Toyota; Scott Greiner – Chapman Ford Lancaster and Tony Helmick – Chapman Ford Columbia 

Repair/Body Shop

1. Landis Garage 

2. Thru It All Body Shop 

3. Warner Holdings Garage 

Car Wash/Detailer

1. Urban Werks 

2. Riptide Car Wash 

3. Landis Car Wash 


1. H + F Tire Service 

2. Keener Tire Services 

3. (tie) Manheim Tire & Auto Center and A & R Tire Sales & Recycling

Healthcare Providers

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health 

Best Hospital 

Since COVID-19’s arrival in Lancaster County, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health has been at the forefront of combatting the virus. When Pfizer’s vaccine was approved for emergency use by the FDA late last year, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health began vaccinating its frontline workers, with Dr. Joseph Kontra, who is the Chief of Infectious Diseases and the Director of Infection Prevention at the hospital, receiving the first injection. Since then, the hospital system’s frontline workers have traveled across Lancaster County to set up and administer sites and assist with programs. One such effort included the Lancaster County Community Vaccination Center, which was instituted with logistical assistance provided by Rock Lititz. At Park City, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health collaborated with other healthcare providers to administer nearly 118,000 vaccines (with 92,100 going to residents of Lancaster County) between March 2 and June 30. The hospital also collaborated with other community organizations to set up day-long sites at Bright Side Baptist Church in February, March and July (see following page).

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health is also collaborating with the Lancaster County Office of Aging to provide vaccines to home-bound senior citizens. When Pfizer announced that booster shots would be made available in late September, the hospital system put plans in place to address that effort. 


1. Lancaster General Hospital 

2. Wellspan Ephrata Community Hospital 

3. Penn State Health – Milton S. Hershey Medical Center 

Family Physician

1. Dr. Christopher Putney – LG Health Physicians Family Medicine Strasburg 

2. Dr. Andrea Stern – LG Health Physicians Family Medicine Mount Joy 

3. Dr. Paul Curtin – Family Practice Center 

Physician Assistant

1. (tie) Esther DiGiacomo – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster and Janis Stone – WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital 

2. (tie) Kimberly Brown – Lime Spring Outpatient Center and Melissa DeStefano – Penn State Medical Group 


1. Nichole Beaty – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster

2. (tie) Rachel Hamilton – Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health; Cassandra Haddad – Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center and Andrew Bender – Lancaster General Hospital


1. Dr. Stephen Tifft – Roseville Pediatrics 

2. (tie) Dr. Shakthi Kumar – Lancaster Pediatric Associates and Dr. Pia Fenimore – Lancaster Pediatric Associates 


1. Dr. Louis Marotti – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster

2. (tie) Dr. Perry Argires – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster and Dr. Thomas Renz – Lancaster Orthopedic Group 


1. (tie) Dr. Matthew Bernabei – The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health and Dr. Dana Weinstein – The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health 

2. (tie) Dr. Gregory Burkman – Penn State Hershey and Dr. Gurpinder Chatha – The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health 

On a Sunday in February (and again on days in March and July), Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health partnered with organizations such as the Lancaster branch of the NAACP, Patients R Waiting and Bright Side Opportunities Center to conduct day-long vaccination programs at Bright Side Baptist Church in the Southwest (SoWe) area of Lancaster. The inaugural effort saw 400 vaccines administered. Photos by Nick Gould.


1. (tie) Dr. Scott Silverstein – WellSpan Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine and Dr. Keith Beaulieu – Pulmonary Associates of Lancaster 


1. Dr. Stephanie Mackey – Stephanie A. Mackey, MD 

2. (tie) Dr. Ira Berman – Dermatology Physicians, Inc. and Dr. Richard Herschaft – Dermatology Physicians, Inc. 


1. Dr. Edward White – White Family Dental 

2. Dr. Andrew Sieger – Sieger Family Dentistry 

3. (tie) Dr. Todd Feddock – Feddock Family Dentistry and Dr. Roger Strause – Centerville Family Dentistry 

Eye Physician

1. Dr. Roy Brod – Lancaster Retina Specialists 

2. Dr. Francis Manning – Manning Rommel & Thode Associates 

3. (tie) Dr. Pierre Palandjian – Eye Associates of Lancaster and Dr. Adam Thode – Manning Rommel & Thode Associates 

Orthopedic Physician

1. Dr. Michael Gish – Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster 

2. Dr. Carl Becker – Westphal Orthopedics 

3. Dr. Gary Zartman – Lancaster Orthopedic Group 

Chiropractor/Holistic Practitioner

1. (tie) Dr. Rustin Glass – Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab and Dr. Erin Gattuso – Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center 

2. Dr. Mary Colman – The Hetrick Center 


Lancaster Southwest Community (SoWe) – or Cabbage Hill as many know it by – exemplifies many of the words that describe Lancaster. Once the home of German immigrants, it’s now a neighborhood that defines diversity, as people of all colors and cultures live there. Scenic? It offers some of the best views of the city from atop Poplar Street. Friendly and supportive? SoWe’s advisory board, which is composed of residents and stakeholders, works with other organizations and financial institutions to implement a revitalization strategy that aims to make the historic neighborhood safe, clean and attractive to both potential homeowners and economic opportunities. As for the artistic element, murals have become a staple of the SoWe neighborhood, with the most recent project literally transforming streets into works of art.    

The intersection of West Strawberry, West Vine and South Mulberry streets was given a metamorphosis thanks to the collaborative efforts of Lancaster Public Art, SoWe Neighborhood Group and the Department of Public Works, with funding provided by the Bloomberg Foundation’s Asphalt Art initiative. The street mural was designed by Fern Dannis and Peter Barber, the co-owner of Two Dudes Painting Company, which is headquartered on Poplar Street. Residents were invited to provide input during the design phase and then take part in a community painting project on September 18. It is estimated that the mural will endure for up to nine months.  

 Photos courtesy of WE & Company

Word to Describe Lancaster

1. Scenic

2. Historic

3. Diverse

4. Friendly

5. Foodie-licious

6. Supportive

7. Artistic


1. Lititz 

2. (tie) Lake Wood Estates and School Lane Hills 

Senior Living Community

1. Willow Valley Communities 

2. (tie) Masonic Village at Elizabethtown and Landis Homes 


1. Dayspring Christian Academy 

2. Penn Manor School District 

3. Hempfield School District 


1. Sandy Weismandel – Warwick School District 

2. Randy Gehman – Dayspring Christian Academy 

3. Brad Miller – Hempfield School District 


1. Liz Hess 

2. Marilyn Hobday 

3. (tie) Nate Nixdorf; Brian Lehman; James Hecker and Keisha Finnie

Unsung Community Hero

1. Risa Paskoff – Aaron’s Acres 

2. Patty Eastep – Anchor Lancaster 

Nonprofit Organization/Charity

1. Anchor Lancaster 

2. Aaron’s Acres

3. (tie) Water Street Mission and Clinic for Special Children 

House of Worship

1. LCBC 

2. Grace Church at Willow Valley 

3. First United Methodist Church