In This Issue September-October 2023

Erin Gerlach: Fearless DIYer

Erin Gerlach discovered a “passion for construction” when she and her husband, Justin, purchased their first home and found themselves dealing with the proverbial “champagne taste and beer budget” scenario ...Read More

Kitchen Design: A Classic But Modern Choice

It was inevitable. Our love affair with all-white kitchens seems to be waning. Peruse home-focused magazines, blogs and internet sites and the evidence is there. Kitchens are exhibiting bold shades ...Read More

Celebrating Our Agricultural Roots

Beginning in late August in Elizabethtown and continuing through early October in Manheim, fair season remains a time-honored tradition in Lancaster County. While agriculture (and to a large degree, education) ...Read More

Spice It Up With Saffron

No doubt, you’ve seen the small packets of saffron at the checkouts of local supermarkets and specialty stores. I would also wager a guess that you have no idea what ...Read More

Isaac’s: Cheers to 40 Years

The year was 1983. Sally Ride became the first American woman to go to space. We were listening to Michael Jackson’s Beat It and Billie Jean. Shoulder pads, large belts ...Read More

Bon Appétit

Residents from some of the senior living communities that are featured in this issue prepared their favorite recipes for our photo shoots. Perhaps you’ll discover something you’d like to try.  As you’ll ...Read More

Senior Living: Taking Kitchen Design to Heart

The kitchen has always been regarded as the heart of the home. From the excitement of buying your first home as a newlywed to raising a family, the kitchen has ...Read More

Mount Joy: Honoring the Past, Sailing Into the Future

History abounds in this small town that grew out of the wilderness, offering natural riches to fur traders and religious

Mount Joy: Show Your Colors

Veterans Day (as well as other patriotic holidays) haven’t looked quite the same in Mount Joy since Harold Billow’s passing

Mount Joy: Living

Mount Joy living certainly offers a world of possibilities. Whether your taste is period or contemporary, you’ll find it in

Mount Joy: Library

Visit the Milanof-Schock Library and it’s obvious that it’s a beloved and very utilized part of the community. As the very

Mount Joy: Parks

For a small town, Mount Joy offers its residents plenty of spaces – ranging from small pocket parks such as

Mount Joy: Stay

Nancy Skee always dreamed of owning a bed & breakfast. When she retired from teaching – 24 years in the

Mount Joy: Twirl

Paula’s School of Baton “My cousin took baton lessons, so I wanted to take them,” says Paula McAdoo of idolizing

Mount Joy: Agriculture

Grandview Vineyard represents one aspect of agriculture in the Mount Joy area. It’s part of the proliferation of vineyards and