Stay: The Inn at Twin Linden

As we moseyed around the churchyard at Bangor, my eyes kept drifting across Route 23 to The Inn at Twin Linden. I hadn’t been there in years … not since Donna and Bob Leahy owned the property in the ’90s.  

Dating to the 1840s, The Inn at Twin Linden has always been one of Churchtown’s standout bed-and-breakfast destinations. It’s been owned by Krya and Mike Scalea since 2022. They’ve spent the last two years updating common spaces and guest areas, enlarging the gardens and hosting special events such as farm-to-table dinners that are held in a small barn on the property.

Curious, I suggested to Jordan that we walk over and see if anyone was around. Fortunately, Rachel Bilger, the assistant innkeeper, was there to prepare for the arrival of weekend guests. She placed a call to Kyra Scalea, who has owned the property since 2022, to obtain permission for us to take photos. 

Kyra and her husband, Mike, who are from Chester County, have spent the last two years updating and refreshing the common areas and eight guest rooms (all with en-suite bathrooms) that define the country estate that dates to the 1840s. They’ve also expanded the gorgeous gardens and added a firepit at the rear of the property that provides a commanding view of farmland and the Welsh Mountains. They’ve also spent that time getting to know Churchtown, their neighbors and the area’s Amish farmers. Through doing so, they’ve gained an appreciation for the farm-fresh and artisanal products they now rely upon to prepare breakfast and provide guests with treats. They’ve also come to rely on Harvey Shirk, who is blessed with a green thumb and carpentry skills and, as a result, has become the property manager. “I usually introduce him to guests as ‘My boss, Harvey,’” says Kyra. She also relies on Terrain & Table’s Maureen Wylie, a tablescape artist and environment creator who works with local growers to source products that are used to create “sophisticated and enchanting environments” for guests. 

Guests come from near and far. Rachel laughs and says quite a few apologize for lazing the day away if she finds them catnapping in a hammock or relaxing in the seating areas that are located on the porches, in the gardens and under the Linden trees. “I tell them not to apologize; that’s what they’re here for,” she says. 

Kyra and Mike hold special events at the inn such as Women’s Wellness Weekends, as well as host periodic farm-to-table dinners that entail another family member, Kyra’s brother, John Banes, who is a Chester County chef. Dinners feature fresh ingredients and products from area farms. The dinners, which are held in a small barn on the property, are open to the public. The next one is July 20. 

“We strive to create extraordinary experiences for our guests by tapping into the beauty of Churchtown’s people and lands, coupled with outstanding, personalized service,” says Kyra of the “secret sauce” that keeps visitors returning to the inn. 

Oh, and the Leahys, who now reside in Florida, are still part of the inn: Bob’s photography is on view and Kyra uses recipes from Donna’s cookbooks to create breakfast fare.  

Information: 2092 Main St., innattwinlinden.com 

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