Top 10 To-Dos for August 2019

August 31 & September 2 | Hospice & Community Care’s Labor Day Auction Solanco Fairgrounds Delight in delicious food prepared by

WOODSTOCK 50 – Lancaster Style

It was the “dawning of the age of Aquarius.” The theme of the era was peace and love - especially

Bridging the Skilled Labor Gap

This country is facing an alarming shortage of skilled labor and trade workers. Is there a way to solve this

Mount Gretna – Historically Steeped in the Arts &

Situated less than 2 miles north of the Lancaster-Lebanon line, a unique community of 2,000 residents is nestled in the


There’s a recurring message about bees being critical to the health of our environment and agriculture, a message that honey

The Jigger Shop – A Mix of Summer Fun

This Mount Gretna landmark is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing treat, whether it’s an ice cream cone, a

A Celebration of Flight

One Saturday when I was a teenager, my parents gathered me and my siblings for a surprise day trip. We

August 1969 & 1974

Dateline: August August is usually regarded as that sleepy “dog days” of a month in which nothing happens. As we have