Column: Seasonal July-August 2024

How Well Do You Know Your Vacation Spot?

Unblemished natural beauty. Dam tours. And a mysterious lake monster. Lancastrians may (or may not) experience these at Raystown Lake, which has become one of our favorite vacation destinations. In the summer ...Read More

1,000 Miles of Theatre

“And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament;” – Daniel 12:3 (King James Version) It is

A Path to Genealogy

I never expected to “get into” genealogy. I had a pretty good grasp on my heritage … I thought. Then

Here’s to Your Health: Dry January … and Beyond!

The first “dry January” was an act against aggression, not alcohol. Today’s version of teetotalling to start the new year

To Write of Architecture…

Over coffee, on a sunny day in the city, two writers speak of the beauty of Lancaster’s architecture. I am

Before or After I Do: Viva Las Vegas! 

Vegas and weddings. Synonymous, right? But, what about bachelor/bachelorette getaways and honeymoons?  My trip to Vegas last year was a blur. As

Off The Well-Beaten Path

From mansion museums to miniature horse farms, Lancaster County is full of nearly hidden gems that   satisfy a visitor’s

Hounding the Coffee Trail

Wherever I travel, I always seek out great coffee. Edward Harris, the president and CEO of Discover Lancaster, tells me

Lancaster County’s Critter Catcher

Len Lambert, the owner of Backyard Wildlife Solutions in Lititz, is the guy people call when they have a critter