Lancaster City Bureau of Police Mounted Unit

There are a number of eye-catching sights in downtown Lancaster: art, historical monuments, architecture, floral displays and so on. But,

Drawing Connections with Salina Almanzar

Lancaster City resident Salina Almanzar’s stacked portfolio of multifaceted work is rooted in drawing connections. From connecting with her neighbors,

The Space of a Restaurant

Architect Ben Samberg can feel the pulse of an idea. A certain je ne sais quoi speaks to him through

Seasons of Lancaster County

Don Shenk can’t recall exactly when he became interested in photography, but he can tell you he takes a camera

Community Place on Washington

If you had just enough money to either pay rent or provide food for your family, which would you choose?

Gravestones: Speaking for the Silent

In my younger years growing up in the city, expansive cemeteries served as footpath shortcuts to get from point A

Enriching Students & Emerging Artists at The E 

The portrayal of a starving artist is etched into modern culture. It goes like this … in order to travel

A Call for Questioning

One in three people have a criminal record in the U.S., and the American criminal justice system holds nearly 2.3