Coffee Shop Etiquette

Like many people who work from home or are office dwellers in desperate need of a break, I find myself

Maple Sugar Time

While we regard the groundhog (hopefully) and robins as harbingers of spring, maple trees also provide an indication that winter

Start Off the New Year With Sauerkraut

In the days leading up to New Year’s, churches and fire companies across Lancaster County are busy preparing pork and

Holiday Baking with Infused Olive Oils

‘Tis the season to be merry, and for many that means indulging in holiday treats. Cakes and cookies, sweetbreads and

Chef José Andrés: A World-Class Chef Brings His Message

To become a world-class chef and restaurateur, a person must sharpen a myriad of skills. Possessing an understanding of how

Going Dutch

Another changing of the seasons is upon us, and this one is perhaps my favorite. Yes, the daylight hours grow

A is for Apple

Early in the morning, an unfamiliar chill and damp air roll in. The leaves are tinged with color, announcing autumn’s


There’s a recurring message about bees being critical to the health of our environment and agriculture, a message that honey