2022 Best of Lancaster

Lancaster County … A Place of Beauty

Over the past two-plus years we’ve come to appreciate what a beautiful and endearing place Lancaster County truly is. 

The pandemic prompted us to venture outdoors and embrace the natural wonders of Lancaster County. We’ve come to realize how fortunate we are to have access to the parks, nature preserves and rail trails that skirt the river and dot the county. 

The beauty of our farmland constantly reminds us how fortunate we are to live in a place where farmstands, farmers markets, orchards, butcher shops and other local purveyors are just a short drive – or walk – away from our homes. 

Beauty is also found in the inspiring art galleries and architecture that define the city and the county’s small towns. 

We’re awestruck by the artful cuisine that is created in the kitchens of our restaurants. The talents of our craftspeople and building professionals are awe-inspiring. The gardens and landscaping that enhance our homes, businesses, retirement communities and medical buildings are eye-catching. 

Finally, the multi-cultural fabric of this place we call home adds to the beauty of Lancaster County. 

Taking all of the above into consideration, I thought of the late Don Shenk, whose love for Lancaster County shined through in each and every image he captured with his camera, whether it was  along the farm lanes of rural Lancaster County or the streets of Lancaster City. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words and Don’s shots explain the reason why those who completed this year’s Readers’ Survey named “Scenic” as the best word to describe Lancaster County. 

– Sue Long 



1. Gracie’s On West Main

2. Rachel’s Café & Creperie 

3. Gus’s Keystone Family Restaurant 

Weekend Brunch

1. Gracie’s On West Main

2. Rachel’s Café & Creperie

3. Square Mile Public House


1. Isaac’s Restaurants 

2. Tomato Pie Café 

3. Rachel’s Café & Creperie 


1. The Belvedere Inn 

2. Gibraltar Restaurant 

3. Horse Inn

Celebrating/Special Occasion

1. The Belvedere Inn 

2. The Log Cabin 

3. Josephine’s Downtown 

Casual Dining

1. Loxley’s Restaurant 

2. Trio Bar & Grill 

3. (tie) Annie Bailey’s Irish Public House and
Cabalar Meat Co. 


1. Shady Maple Smorgasbord 

2. Miller’s Smorgasbord Restaurant  

3. Dienner’s Country Restaurant 


1. Frisco’s Chicken 

2. Two Cousins Pizza 

3. Café East Asian Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Outdoor Dining

1. Tobias Frogg 

2. Loxley’s Restaurant 

3. T.J. Rockwell’s 

Hotel Restaurant

1. The Exchange and Plough – Lancaster Marriott 

2. John J. Jeffries – Lancaster Arts Hotel 

3. Arthur’s Terrace and Garfield’s Restaurant – Eden Resort & Suites 


1. Bulls Head Public House 

2. Quips Pub

3. Stubby’s Bar & Grille

New Restaurant

1. Norbu 

2. (tie) Blue Collar Restaurant, Bar & Catering and
Queen Street Bistro



1. Johnny’s Bar & Steakhouse 

2. The Log Cabin 

3. The Belvedere Inn 


1. Kyma Seafood 

2. Gibraltar Restaurant 

3. Mr. Bill’s Seafood/Fat Crab Café 


1. Harvey’s Main Street BBQ 

2. Rocky’s BBQ 

3. Hess’s Barbecue Catering 


1. Cabalar Meat Co. 

2. Horse Inn 

3. Route 66 Restaurant


1. Isaac’s Restaurants

2. Cabalar Meat Co. 

3. Caruso’s 


1. Two Cousins Pizza 

2. Caruso’s 

3. LUCA 


1. American Bar & Grill 

2. Beanie’s Bar & Grill 

3. Stubby’s Bar & Grille 


1. Cocina Mexicana 

2. House of Tacos 

3. Walk-O Taco 


1. Ginza Sushi 

2. Oka Asian Fusion 

3. Yuzu Asian Cuisine 


1. Root 

2. Taj Mahal 

3. Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar 


1. Ciro’s Italian Bistro 

2. Lombardo’s Restaurant 


Mexican/Latin American

1. El Serrano 

2. Cocina Mexicana 

3. Fuego Latino Restaurant & Catering 


1. Hong Kong Garden 

2. Yang’s Restaurant 

3. Café East Asian Cuisine and Sushi Bar 


1. Oka Asian Fusion 

2. Eastern Palace 

3. Yuzu Asian Cuisine 


1. Himalayan Curry & Grill 

2. Taj Mahal 

3. Namaste Restaurant 

PA Dutch

1. Shady Maple Smorgasbord 

2. The Restaurant at Oregon Dairy 

3. Dienner’s Country Restaurant 

Beer Selection

1. Funck’s Restaurant 

2. The Fridge 

3. Bulls Head Public House 

Wine/Spirits Selection

1. The Belvedere Inn 

2. Horse Inn 

3. (tie) Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, John J. Jeffries and LUCA 


1. Bistro Barberet & Bakery 

2. (tie) The Belvedere Inn and
Fox Meadows Creamery 


Grocery/Food Store

1. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

2. Giant 

3. Weis 

Prepared Food

1. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

2. Oregon Dairy 

3. Giant 

Farm Market

1. Lancaster Central Market 

2. Root’s Country Market 

3. Green Dragon Market

Coffee/Tea Shop

1. Coffee Co. 

2. Mean Cup 

3. New Holland Coffee Co. 

Food Truck

1. Walk-O Taco 

2. Gourmet Julie’s Way 

3. Chellas Arepa Kitchen 


1. Achenbach’s Pastries 

2. Front Porch Baking Co. 

3. Lancaster Cupcake 

Specialty Cakes

1. Oregon Dairy 

2. Lancaster Cupcake 

3. Scratch Bakes


1. Vigi’s Parties 

2. Hess’s Barbecue Catering 

3. Cracked Pepper Catering 

Pretzels/Snack Foods

1. Hammond’s Pretzels 

2. Philly Pretzel Factory 

3. Auntie Anne’s 


1. Evans Candy 

2. Wilbur Chocolate 

3. Sweetish

Ice Cream

1. Fox Meadows Creamery 

2. Pine View Dairy 

3. Son’s 


1. Nissley Vineyards 

2. Waltz Vineyards Estate Winery 

3. Grandview Vineyard


1. Lancaster Brewing Company 

2. Mad Chef Craft Brewing 

3. Spring House Brewing Company 


Live Music Venue

1. Tellus360 

2. American Music Theatre 

3. Long’s Park 

Performing Arts

1. The Fulton Theatre 

2. Sight and Sound Theatres 

3. American Music Theatre 

Art Gallery

1. Liz Hess Gallery 

2. Red Raven Art Company 

3. Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery 

Museum/Heritage Site

1. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum 

2. North Museum of Nature and Science

3. LancasterHistory 

Golf Course

1. Crossgates Golf Club 

2. Overlook Golf Course 

3. (tie) Meadia Heights Golf Club and
Lancaster Country Club 

Family Fun

1. Dutch Wonderland 

2. Go ‘N Bananas  

3. Hersheypark 

Pick-Your-Own Produce/Flowers

1. Cherry Hill Orchards 

2. Country Joy Flowers 

3. Brecknock Orchard 

Park/Recreation Area

1. Long’s Park 

2. Lancaster County Central Park 

3. Overlook Park 

Special Occasion Venue

1. The Star Barn Village 

2. Melhorn Manor 

3. Excelsior 


1. Ephrata Fair

2. Elizabethtown Fair

3. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire at Mount Hope Estate

Art/Craft/Maker Show

1. Long’s Park Art Festival 

2. Lititz Rotary Craft Show 

3. Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show 


Clothing Store/Boutique

1. Festoon

2. (tie) Knock Knock Boutique and


1. Space 

2. The Scarlet Willow 

3. Maejean Vintage


1. Fashion Cents Consignment 

2. (tie) Next to New Fine Clothing and
Stock Swap Furniture Consignment 

Thrift Store

1. CommunityAid 

2. Main Street Closet 

3. Re-Uzit Shop of New Holland 


1. Koser Jewelers

2. (tie) Ream Jewelers and
Brent L. Miller Jewelers & Goldsmiths 

Car Dealership

1. Lancaster County Motors 

2. Jones Dealerships 

3. (tie) Hondru Auto Group and
Lancaster Toyota 


Hair Salon

1. Attitudes Hair & Nail Salon 

2. Luxe Salon & Spa 

3. Tangles Salon

Barber Shop

1. The Black Comb 

2. Gary and Joel’s Barber Shop 

3. Elizabethtown Barbers

Tattoo Artist

1. Wes Schulz – Dreams Collide Tattoo 

2. Jazmin Santiago – Sacred Yes 

3. (tie) Chris Hall – SkinTonz,
Josh Constein, Steve Lowery – Transcending Flesh
and Vinny Romanelli – Dreams Collide Tattoo


1. Attitudes Hair & Nail Salon 

2. Back Room Nail Bar 

3. Modern Spa & Nails 

Day Spa

1. Luxe Salon & Spa 

2. The Spa at Leola Village 

3. Visage a’ Visage Day Spa & Salon 

Med Spa

1. Blossom Med Spa 

2. Face Forward Skin Care Center

3. James Street Med Spa 

Cosmetic Dentistry

1. White Family Dental 

2. Sieger Family Dentistry 

3. (tie) Weierbach & Genetti Prosthodontics and
Silvaggio Prosthodontics 


Fitness/Rec Center

1. Universal Athletic Club 

2. YMCA of the Roses

3. Lititz recCenter 

Yoga/Barre/Specialty Studio

1. Evolution Power Yoga 

2. West End Yoga Studio 

3. Blaze Yoga 

Dance Studio

1. Encore Dance Center 

2. Lititz Academy of Dance

3. E-Dance Center 


1. (tie) Lititz Springs Pool and
Stars & Stripes Swim & Splash Club (Conestoga)

2. Millersville Lions Club Pool 

Bicycle Shop

1. Martins Bike Shop 

2. Lancaster Bicycle Shop 

3. Green Mountain Cyclery 

Biking/Hiking/Jogging Trail

1. Northwest Lancaster County River Trail 

2. Warwick-to-Ephrata Rail-Trail 

3. Silver Mine Park


Residential Builder/Remodeler

1. Metzler Home Builders 

2. (tie) Ebersole Brothers and Garman Builders 


1. GR Mitchell 

2. TK Building & Design 

3. Bomberger’s Store 


1. Joyland Roofing 

2. (tie) Choice Home Remodeling,
Klausmair Construction and
Greenawalt Roofing


1. Martin’s Flooring 

2. Bomberger’s Store 

3. Bloom FLOORist 


1. Choice Home Remodeling 

2. GR Mitchell 

3. Zephyr Thomas Home Improvement 

Interior Design

1. Interiors Home 

2. Heritage Design Interiors 

3. David Lyall Home & Design 

Window Treatments

1. Interiors Home 

2. Martin’s Flooring 

3. Heritage Design Interiors 


1. Yale Lighting Concepts 

2. The Lighting Gallery 

3. Interiors Home 


1. Ville Painters 

2. Two Dudes Painting Company 

3. Joel’s Painting & Contracting 


1. Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical 

2. Neffsville Plumbing & Heating Services 

3. New Holland HVAC 

Electrical Work

1. (tie) M. Goodman Electric and
Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical

2. Hawthorne Electric 

Carpet Cleaning

1. Certified Carpet 

2. Martin’s Flooring 

3. The Rug Beater Cleaning Enterprises 

Furniture/Home Accessories

1. Interiors Home 

2. Heritage Design Interiors 

3. Always Never Done 

Paint/Wallcovering Center

1. Grauer’s Paint & Decorating 

2. Bomberger’s Store 

3. GR Mitchell 

Appliance Center

1. Martin Appliance 

2. Brubaker Inc. 

3. K & A Appliance 

Hardware Center

1. JB Hostetter & Sons 

2. GR Mitchell 

3. Bomberger’s Store 


1. Yarnell, B Safe and Choice Security Systems 

2. Reed’s Lock & Access Control Systems 

Garden Center/Greenhouse

1. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

2. Ken’s Gardens 

3. Esbenshade’s Garden Centers & Greenhouse 

Landscape Design

1. C.E. Pontz Sons 

2. (tie) Landscape Impressions and
Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

Lawn/Yard Maintenance

1. Northeastern Landscape 

2. Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care, Landscape & Pest Control 

3. Landscape Impressions 

Outdoor-Living Center

1. Stauffers of Kissel Hill 

2. Bowman’s Stove & Patio 

3. Penn Stone 

Floral Design

1. Floral Designs of Mount Joy 

2. Royer’s Flowers & Gifts 

3. Central Market Flowers/Perfect Pots 



1. Brian Rosenberg – Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz 

2. Brad Rauch – Cloister Group 

3. Kyle Lin – Acuity Advisors and CPAs 


Gregory Hirtzel

Anthony Georgelis


1. (tie) Gregory Hirtzel – Fowler Hirtzel McNulty & Spaulding and
Anthony Georgelis – Georgelis Injury Law Firm 

Insurance Agent

1. Lee Kennedy – State Farm 

2. Bart Ziegler – Olweiler Insurance Agency 

3. Craig Rothstein – State Farm 

Real Estate Agent

1. Craig Hartranft – Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Realty 

2. Tony Zook – Re/Max Pinnacle 

3. Hanna Klausmair – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty 

Bank/Credit Union

1. Fulton Bank

2. Belco Community Credit Union 

3. Members 1st Federal Credit Union 


1. Richard Waine – Richard Waine Photography 

2. Jeremy Hess – Jeremy Hess Photographers 

3. Rachel Horst – Hosh Posh Photography 


Pet Store

1. That Fish Place – That Pet Place 

2. Keystone Pet Place 

3. Woof ‘n Tails 

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

1. Your Place or Mine Pet Sitting 

2. Gabrielle Walleigh 

3. Once Upon a Tail 


1. Pat’s Pet Grooming 

2. Gochenauer Pet Resort 

3. Keystone Pet Place 

Pet Boarding/Daycare

1. Gochenauer Pet Resort 

2. Canine Country Club 

3. Oscar’s Pet Resort 

Veterinary Practice

1. Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital/Metro Pet Vet 

2. Neffsville Veterinary Clinic 

3. Companion Animal Hospital 

Rescue Organization

1. Pet Pantry of Lancaster County 

2. Humane Pennsylvania 

3. Organization for Responsible Care of Animals (ORCA)




1. Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital 

2. Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center 

3. WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital 

Family Physician

1. Dr. Christopher Putney – Penn Medicine LG Health Family Medicine Strasburg

2. (tie) Dr. Andrea Stern – Penn Medicine LG Health Family Medicine Mount Joy,
Dr. Bruce Waskowicz – WellSpan Family Medicine Terre Hill and
Dr. Lorin Hirsch – Lancaster Family Practice Associates

Physician Assistant







1. (tie) Esther DiGiacomo – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster,
Adam Truax – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster and
Brendan Garrett – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster 


1. Jill Edgell 

2. Laurie Rice – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster 

3. (tie) Nichole Beaty – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster and
Amy Eastep – Masonic Village


1. Dr. Stephen Tifft – Penn Medicine LG Health Physicians Roseville Pediatrics

2. (tie) Dr. Pia Fenimore – Lancaster Pediatric Associates,
Dr. Katherine Sanchez-Maldonado – Penn State Health Lancaster Pediatric Center,
Dr. Katherine Kereshi – Penn State Health – Elizabethtown,
Dr. Judy Hipple – Eden Park Pediatrics and
Dr. Nathan Keller – Eden Park Pediatrics


1. Dr. Perry Argires – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster

2. Dr. Carl Becker – Westphal Orthopedics

3. Dr. Louis Marotti – Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster 








1. (tie) Dr. Sunil Patel – UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute,
Dr. John Slovak – The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health and
Dr. Neil Clark – The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health


1. Dr. Yaroslav Lando – Pulmonary Associates of Lancaster 

2. Dr. Maulik Patel – Pulmonary Associates of Lancaster 


1. Dr. Stephanie Mackey – Dermatology Partners 

2. Dr. William Andersen – Lancaster Skin Center 

3. Desiree Antonacci (MS PA-C) – Dermatology Associates of Lancaster


1. Dr. Edward White – White Family Dental 

2. Dr. Todd Feddock – Feddock Family Dentistry 

3. Dr. Matthew Freedman – Matthew Freedman, DMD & Associates 

Eye Physician

1. Dr. Roy Brod – Lancaster Retina Specialists 

2. Dr. Francis Manning – Manning Rommel & Thode Associates 

3. Dr. Bethany Rommel – Manning Rommel & Thode Associates 

Orthopedic Physician

1. Dr. Carl Becker – Westphal Orthopedics 

2. Dr. Thomas Westphal – Westphal Orthopedics 

3. Dr. Michael Gish – Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster 

Chiropractor/Holistic Practitioner

1. Dr. Jason Leber – Behrman Chiropractic 

2. Dr. Keith Krueger – Krueger Chiropractic Clinic 

3. Dr. Rustin Glass – Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab 



1. Lititz 

2. Lakewood Estates 

3. (tie) School Lane Hills and Chestnut Hill 

Senior Living Community

1. Willow Valley Communities 

2. Masonic Village 

3. Garden Spot Village 


1. Dayspring Christian Academy 

2. Penn Manor School District 

3. Hempfield School District 


1. Brad Miller – Hempfield School District 

2. Randy Gehman – Dayspring Christian Academy 

3. Taylor Mohr – Warwick School District 

Brian Lehman

Freiman Stoltzfus


1. (tie) Brian Lehman and
Freiman Stoltzfus 

2. Liz Hess 

Dr. Edward White

Casey Spacht

Unsung Community Hero

1. (tie) Dr. Edward White – White Family Dental and
Casey Spacht – Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative 

2. Sarah Salluzzo – Lancaster Farm Sanctuary 

Nonprofit Organization/Charity

1. Anchor Lancaster 

2. Water Street Mission 

3. Clinic for Special Children 

House of Worship

1. LCBC 

2. Grace Church at Willow Valley 

3. First United Methodist Church 

Photo by Don Shenk

Word to Describe Lancaster

1. Scenic 

2. Diverse

3. Historic 

4. Friendly 

5. Foodie-licious 

6. Artistic 

7. Supportive 

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