28th Annual Readers’ Survey

It’s that time of the year! Vote for your favorite restaurants, retailers, service providers, etc.





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  1. I believe Rockford Plantation to be the best historic site in Lancaster County. It was the post war home of General Edward Hand of the Continental Army. During the American Revolution he and his regiment, after the defeat of the Hessians in Trenton NJ, were instrumental in delaying British forces while Washington set up strong defenses prior to the American victory at Assunpink Creek (2nd Battle of Trenton). Some historians credit General Hand with saving Washington’s army from being destroyed.
    Faithfully restored and refurbished, Rockford Plantation presents the way of life during the 1790s of the family of this little known Founding Father.

  2. I always enjoyed going to Oregon Dairy for the breakfast especially! My wife has problems with IBS and this makes it difficult for her to eat out at most places but she feels comfortable and safe at Oregon Dairy! She also loves the market and especially the gift shop!

  3. We plan trips to Lancaster Market to restock our cheese supply. Personnel are knowledgeable and helpful. Worth the drive from Harrisburg.

  4. Olio Olive Oils & Balsamics of Lititz is the most fun store I’ve ever been to. I hate shopping, but love this place. Fantastic product line of oils, vinegar,honey sea salt and so much more and the employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. My favorite store.

  5. Brickerville Restaurant always has good food, good selection of food, and great service !!!

  6. Lancaster Market us a real treasure! I make a shopping list before I go, but always allow time to poke around ad find new things…and I always do. The knowledgeable folks at the cheese counter are always more than happy to let me taste cheeses I haven’t seen before (and there is always something new). So things that weren’t on my list always hop into my shopping cart.

  7. I vote for Hammonds Pretzels Co. I move to Georgetown, SC eighteen years ago and have been ordering Hammond pretzels on a regular basis. They have been a part of my must have diet since I was 10 years old when I would stop by the plant for a nickels worth of “brokers”. Am now 76 and hoping to make 102 like my Mom who loved Hammond’s pretzels.