A “Rosie Cake”

After the dress, guests at a wedding are anxious to see the cake. Lancaster County is fortunate to have so many talented and creative bakers who help to make celebrations all the more festive! 

One of those talented bakers is Rosie Rohrer, who works out of a farmhouse that sits along a country road near Manheim and bears a small, rather nondescript sign that reads Rosie’s Creative Cakes. In business since 1989, Rosie has made a pivot this year, deciding that she will be concentrating solely on what she calls “the heart and soul” of her business: wedding cakes. 

Art and design have always been a part of Rosie’s life – she just chooses to express her artistry through flour and sugar. As you can see, art and baking have found common ground. Some cake-painting techniques, as seen in the second photo, deliver a watercolor effect. The technique seen on the cake in the first photo is called buttercream palette knife painting and takes its inspiration from palette knife painting: oil paint is applied to canvas or wood and is transformed into textured and multi-dimensional shapes such as flowers, leaves, shells, etc. Confectionary artists use tools such as forks, knives and spatulas to transform the surfaces of cakes into works of art. 


Rosie and her husband, Dwight Rohrer. Photo by LDT Foto.

4 Questions for Rosie 

1. First Job

As a high school student, she worked in the bakery of a family-owned grocery store in Manheim, assembling birthday cakes and keeping the refrigerated case filled with decorated cakes. 

2. Who Does She Admire From the Industry?

Earlene Moore, a cake designer from Texas, who is known for her lace work and gum-paste flowers. “I had the privilege of taking one of her classes,” says Rosie. 

3. Largest Cake She Ever Made

A pre-Covid bride asked Rosie to create a wedding cake “just like her mother had.” It consisted of 10 tiers – four in the center, two two-tiered cakes on either side and two satellite cakes. And, a fountain also figured into the design. Rosie remembers someone from the catering staff commenting, “Now, that’s a wedding cake!” 

4. Her Favorite Cake Flavor

Rosie loves anything chocolate. In regards to cake, she names chocolate mocha chip – with Kahlua buttercream and chocolate ganache – as her “ultimate favorite” choice. 

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  1. A fun fact about Rosie’s cakes. 10 years ago in October my friend from Lancaster got married in Maine. She insisted on a Wedding cake from Rosie’s. I was in charge of driving the cake 11 hours to the venue. It was a nerve racking drive! But it all worked out. The cake looked great and tasted delicious.