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  1. The page makeup for this article online reading is not readable. The first sentence of 3 of the 5 bios is unreadable.

    Lanc. County Magazine should be better than this.

    • We apologize for your technical difficulties. We are having our tech staff look into your issue. Thank you!

    • This issue should now be resolved. Thanks so much for your patience and for letting us know about the error.

  2. Each of these women has made a choice to put others first in their lives! That is so often the difference. Several are helping children, some focus on empowerment of children who will benefit from technical training or self improvement and some see the world as it was for them and know that this change has to happen!

    While I grow weary of people who promote one gender or ethnic group over another, it is good to see that each program these women sponsor has life changing results for everyone in the future as well as today!

    Kudos, ladies!! You are creating the future!