A Taste of Lancaster County … In a Basket

If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect Christmas gift, you are not alone. Many of us labor over this one decision each year and painstakingly peruse local shops and websites attempting to find the gift that’s just right. Fortunately, I have some neighbors – the Stoltzfus family – who help to make gift shopping a breeze thanks to their enterprise called Dutch Baskets.

Basketmaking is one of humanity’s oldest crafts. Baskets have played vital roles in some of our oldest stories – you may recall the story in which baby Moses was placed in a basket along the Nile River in an attempt to hide him from a zealous Egyptian pharaoh.

Baskets are also utilitarian; since the dawn of time, they have served as handy tools for storing and carrying food and other items. In Lancaster County, market baskets carried by past generations are prized family possessions.

The fact that baskets once were used to carry gifts from one village to another undoubtedly gave way to the modern tradition of gift baskets.

The Stoltzfuses are a traditional Amish family. During the holiday season, the whole family pitches in to handcraft each basket, filling it with products synonymous with Lancaster County. Once a perfect complement to farming life during the cold winter months, Dutch Baskets has grown into a bustling year-round business.

While they offer a number of prearranged themed baskets, you also have the opportunity to build your own basket à la carte. You can choose from Lancaster favorites such as Wilbur Chocolate, Hammond’s Pretzels, Stoltzfus Meats, baked goods (including whoopie pies, pumpkin rolls, shoofly pie, cookies and more), cheeses from Sunset Farms, freshly roasted beans from the New Holland Coffee Company, and the list goes on. It’s like a tour of Lancaster County in a basket! The tastes of Lancaster County fill each basket to the brim.

With the option to order online and ship to anywhere in the United States, you can delight friends and family who may find themselves homesick for Lancaster County during the holidays. Dutch Baskets also accepts bulk orders, making it easy for businesses seeking something special for customers and/or employees.

The baskets range in size from the massive Dutch Feast and Smorgasbord, to the modest Snack Basket. They also offer gift boxes and trays to add even more variety and help you find the right look for your gift. Each basket is handcrafted to match your order with fresh products shipped daily.

To browse the selection of Dutch Baskets and their à la carte products, visit dutchbaskets.com or stop by their Basket Shop down on the farm at 225 Voganville Road in New Holland. 

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