Best of Lancaster: Then & Now



#1 winners that are still in business:

TMB: Men’s Clothing
Giant: Grocery Store
Royer’s: Florist
Lancaster YMCA: Place to Work Out
Filling’s: Dry Cleaner
Bomberger’s and Certified Carpet: Flooring
Radel & Stauffer: Home Accessories
Interiors 2000: Furniture (now INTER!ORS)
EGStoltzfus: Builder
Stauffers of Kissel Hill: Landscape Nursery and Grocery Store
Strasburg Creamery: Ice Cream
The Log Cabin: Steak/Prime Rib
Isaac’s: Lunch
Eden Resort: Brunch
Lombardo’s: Italian Restaurant
Carlos & Charlie’s: Mexican Restaurant
Landis Valley Farm Museum: Museum
WARM 103, FM97 and WITF: Radio Station

#1 winners that we miss:

Doneckers: Women’s Clothing
Watt & Shand: Return Policy, Sales Clerks, Department Store, Shoe Repair
Aaron’s: Hair, Manicure
Hechinger’s: Hardware Store
Good’s: Furniture
Kegel’s: Seafood
Willow Valley: Smorgasbord, Breakfast
Mr. Steak: Birthday Restaurant
Hoar House: Happy Hour

First-year categories that didn’t last:

Video Store. Blockbuster won in 1990. In 2014, the “video store” as we knew it is dead. Thanks, Netflix!
Bookstore. Waldenbooks took the top prize. But, the demise of Waldenbooks, Borders and other bookstore chains has led to a rebirth of local retailers – check out Aaron’s Books in Lititz, and downtown Lancaster’s DogStar Books and Winding Way Books.
Salad Bar. Ponderosa was #1 at a time when salad-bar selections weren’t as diverse as today’s helpings. Think iceberg lettuce and imitation bacon bits.
Oriental Restaurant. Peking Palace was tops. Back then, “oriental” pretty much meant “Chinese” – now we have Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Nepali and Middle Eastern, too. (And these days, “oriental” is only used to describe rugs.)
French Restaurant. Windows and the Restaurant at Doneckers tied for first place. Both are now gone, while the idea of a “French restaurant” has radically changed. Try the rustic French menus at Citronnelle and Ma(i)son, or enjoy a casual Parisian treat at Rachel’s Café & Creperie (all in downtown Lancaster).

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