Cabin Fever Cure

As we enter the first full month of winter, some of you may already be experiencing a bit of cabin fever. It can be challenging, especially if you have children with pent-up energy to burn. However, there’s no reason to allow the cold weather to send you into hibernation mode. Lancaster County has a special place that not only brings the outdoors indoors, but it also provides a great opportunity to experience and participate in one of the oldest sports – dating to the Upper Paleolithic period – known to humankind. And no doubt you have heard of a little series of movies that have Hunger Games in their titles.

For the past three decades, Lancaster Archery Supply has been serving the needs of archers from both near and far. The company’s facility, which is located along Old Philadelphia Pike, started as a simple pro shop that enjoyed unparalleled success. Over the years, an indoor range (which allows you to sample products before purchasing them) was added, while the pro shop expanded to include a much wider selection of products; a techno-range projects outdoor scenery onto a Kevlar screen.

The site is also home to Lancaster Archery Academy, which provides individuals, families and organizations with the opportunity to learn all there is to know about the sport through a fun and engaging approach to archery instruction. A variety of programs for students at all skill levels is also offered. The Academy also offers specially designed programs for home school and scouting groups to provide comprehensive instruction in a safe and wholesome environment.

In an attempt to bring the best archery instruction to their students, Lancaster Archery offers activities and special events that focus on individual advancement as well as team-building exercises. This includes nationally renowned corporate competitions, summer day camps, private parties, scouting events and more. A recent addition to the mix is Archery Tag parties, whereby two teams go head-to-head to take out the other team’s targets. Through utilizing patented foam-tipped arrows, archers of all ages can safely participate in this fast-paced fusion of dodgeball and paintball, while relying on their archery skills to emerge triumphantly.

If you’d like to experience the competitive side of this sport, Lancaster Archery will once again be presenting the Lancaster Archery Classic, January 21-24. It’s a tune-up for the Indoor World Cup, which is being held a week later in Las Vegas. This year’s event is being held at the Lanco Fieldhouse at 1901 Miller Road in East Petersburg. Spectators are welcome. Visit the website for details.

2195 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster
394-7229 (store/pro shop) or 556-1379 (Academy)

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