Chickies Rock


Being a backyard tourist in January can be challenging. The options are limited, the weather isn’t always cooperative and the beautiful, lush countryside is quietly awaiting the arrival of spring. Still, winter has a beauty all its own. My daughter Zoe and I discovered that last year, when we decided to break out of the house and go exploring.
We headed for Chickies Rock, which is located in Chickies Rock County Park (Route 441, between Columbia and Marietta). The 422-acre park is the second-largest in the county-owned system. Its name hearkens to the Native word “chiquesalunga,” which means “place of the crayfish.” The centerpiece of the park is Chickies Rock, a 100-foot-high quartzite outcropping that provides commanding views of the Susquehanna.
Our mission was to check out the ice that was piling up on the Susquehanna River. It was a very impressive display of nature’s power. We saw firsthand the challenges the ice poses to communities along the river.
I’ll admit the hike was difficult because of the fresh snow. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone; hiking after a snowfall can be dangerous and caution is needed. For those who’d rather stay indoors, I’m happy to be able to share the view with you. Text and photo by Seth Dochter

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