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  1. Great article. I know first hand from years of eating Weiser’s delicious donuts and pastries at both locations. I remember when they opened in Akron. I live in lititz so I shop at the Wiesers there.

  2. This store/ bakery/meat market are by far the best. You are cheating yourself if you don’t go visit. I especially love the peanut butter filled white sugar donuts( available by special order). Sticky buns too with or without nuts. Terrific cuts of meat. I love this store.

  3. Really enjoyed this article. It means a lot to know there are business people who are as caring as Weiser’s.

  4. Weisers markets have the best cream filled and custard filled doughnuts of anywhere in the world that i have traveled. I have been many different places around the globe and i always ask locals what is your best doughnut…. Lol nothing ever compares to the love and goodness of a Weisers markets doughnut…. Simply the best i ever ate ………point period……….

  5. Best foughnuts, hands down, especially in the Akron store. Not sure what the difference is… maybe in the proofing. I used to haul groceries into the Akron store, twice weekly, and I had my share of their doughnuts. Great job, Tim.

  6. Without question the best donuts I have ever eaten. Years ago I worked in a local nursing home, one friday each month we did a resturant style breakfast for the residents. The breakfast was always phenomenal. We served several dozen Weiser donuts after. Offering residents a large selection of these yummy treats was a perfect end to this meal. The smiles and satisfaction as we sent these grateful souls back to their rooms was made better by Weisers.

  7. Weisers is the best! The bakery is wonderful! The butcher shop is tops,too! I find items there I can’t find elsewhere. The folks are very nice and helpful.

  8. You said “what goes into them” but never mentioned ingredients. Allergies require such information.