Dutch Winter Wonderland

As we approach the holiday season, I’m sure you’re already thinking about what it entails. There is shopping to be done, family to see, meals to plan, etc. Remember the joy and excitement of Christmas as a child? The holidays always seemed to be about fun, cookies and twinkling lights.

Well, there is a place in Lancaster that  is truly dedicated to making a lasting impression on both children and adults during the holiday season. As the sunsets come earlier and the lights begin to twinkle, our local kingdom for kids turns into Dutch Winter Wonderland.

This was the first year we have been season ticket holders at Dutch Wonderland, and it made for some great memories over the summer and during autumn’s Happy Hauntings events. Now, as the temperatures dip lower and we’re finding ourselves indoors more and more, we’re starting to get excited for the park’s winter activities.

Naturally, Dutch Winter Wonderland means a more winter- and holiday-inspired setting around the kingdom. You may find Princess Brooke and Duke the Dragon sporting extra scarves and holding steaming cups of hot cocoa. You’ll likely add a few extra layers yourself some nights. Despite the colder weather, there is no shortage of screams and giggles coming from most of the park’s classic rides. While it will be too chilly for water rides and roller coasters of course, there will be over 20 rides and attractions available. If the excitement gets to be too much, Princess Brooke and her friends will be putting on a few shows to keep you entertained while you take a little break.

Undoubtedly, the most obvious and stunning feature of Dutch Winter Wonderland is the thousands of twinkling lights. The park is covered in beautiful lighting displays that are sure to amaze, whether you’re walking the paths that crisscross the park, dangling your feet from the Sky Ride, or rail fanning aboard the Wonderland Special.

Be sure to check out The Royal Light Show, which begins each day at 5 p.m. and runs every 15 minutes. This is no ordinary light show. The lights are synchronized with music to make sure they dazzle as they dance across the park. I’ve heard it’s contagious, and sometimes children and adults can be seen dancing along with the lights and music.

The special off-season ticket prices make it more affordable to bring the entire family or to just stop by on a whim. Since Dutch Wonderland is located on Route 30 and is in close proximity to the outlets and dozens of restaurants, you can have some fun and do some shopping all in a day’s time!

Dutch Winter Wonderland is open on select weekdays and weekends from November 19-December 30. For dates, ticket prices and more information, visit dutchwonderland.com

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