Kim Russo: The Happy Medium

Kim Russo: The Happy Medium

Kim Russo, is a world renowned Psychic Medium and is also known as “The Happy Medium” as well as “The Soul Whisperer” by many. Reaching down to the heart of the matter, Kim is not only a medical intuitive, but she is able to interpret the energy of souls, in this dimension, as well as in other dimensions. By connecting with a person’s soul, Kim is able to help tell its unique story, lending spiritual guidance and enlightening insights. Kim has a very down to earth approach of demystifying the mysterious and believes everyone is born to interpret the language of energy.

The Forever Family Foundation and The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential have both rigorously tested Kim’s abilities of which she is currently on their list of Certified Mediums and sits on The Advisory Board for The Forever Family Foundation. All of this, along with the uncanny accuracy of her readings, makes Kim the most sought -after teacher and Medium worldwide.

Kim believes it is her mission to share her gift with the world and to teach others how to recognize their own unique gifts through the platform of television and writing books. Kim is the Host of two television series: The Haunting Of, a spin-off of the popular television series Celebrity Ghost Stories. In this long running series, Kim works with famous celebrities helping them sort through paranormal struggles and offers valuable lessons and closure to each celebrity she works with. In addition to helping famous celebrities, Kim also helps everyday families in the series: Psychic Intervention. In this series, Kim uses her unique abilities to help every age overcome challenging blockages, helping them to cope with their everyday struggles, especially living with the grief of losing a loved one.

Kim is the author of the book The Happy Medium: Life Lessons From The Other Side and Your Soul Purpose: Learn How to Access The Light Within. Both books are published by Harper Collins Publishing.

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