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Gardening and Nature at Fairmount

Situated in a rural setting and with many farmers and folks with green thumbs among our residents, Fairmount is a great place to continue “playing in the dirt.” Many residents plant and care for vegetables and flowers off their patios or on their balconies. For those who want to have more land to garden, Fairmount offers gardens, raised beds and flower beds for our residents to tend through an adopt-a-flowerbed program.

Residents Ruth, Fern and Edna have chosen the flowers for our building entryways so that they have color splashes throughout the seasons. Ruth and her husband, Don, share a large garden plot with residents Paul and Elsie. They share the vegetable yields with their neighbors and even donate some to Fairmount Dining Services.

Personal Care resident, Elvin, grew over 100 varieties of hosta on his farm in Cochranville. After moving to Fairmount, he brought several varieties and planted them across the campus for everyone to enjoy.  

Another resident, Alvin, had orchards of apple, crabapple and nectarine trees throughout his life. Alvin and his wife, Naomi, planted a small apple tree in front of their cottage when they moved to Fairmount 10 years ago. Every fall, Alvin gathers hundreds of apples, which he shares with friends and family. Ephraim and Mabel and other residents grow boysenberries, blackberries, strawberries, shell peas, asparagus, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lima beans, green beans, zucchini, red beets, cucumbers and tomatoes, among other produce. Jim grows burpless cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, basil, chives and mint, naturally with no spraying. “I want success, but it is therapy. I just enjoy seeing things grow,” Jim says.    

Residents who don’t garden still enjoy nature. Many residents moving to Fairmount opt to live in our apartments with breathtaking views of local farmers sowing, harvesting and rotating their crops throughout the year, as well as the orchard that Fairmount overlooks.

The walking trails that wind across campus are great places to take in the scenery of the countryside.

In summer and fall, Fairmount provides bus trips to local orchards and roadside stands to support the community and get a taste of fresh produce.

All said, there are plenty of opportunities at Fairmount to enjoy the beauty of creation provided to us by our heavenly Father.


Type of Community

Life Plan Retirement Community

Range of Services

Residential Living, Personal Care, Short-term Rehabilitation and Health Care/Skilled Nursing residences. Fairmount at Home provides in-home services to campus residents, as well as the broader community. The rehab center provides physician-directed programs including physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapies. Fairmount also offers a Plain Community Rehabilitation Program for those who do not have insurance due to religious beliefs.

Residential Options

Fairmount’s Residential Living accommodations include 52 cottages ranging in size from one-bedroom to three-bedrooms, all with at least a one-car garage. Fairmount’s 103 apartments range in size from studio to two-bedrooms.

Health/Fitness Facility/Activities

With two fitness rooms on campus and extensive walking trails winding throughout the 50+ acre campus overlooking the scenic vista of rural Lancaster County, there are many options for our residents to stay in shape. Fairmount offers exercise classes led by our team members, as well as volunteer opportunities assisting residents, taking care of the gardens and quilting. Our residents can stay active intellectually at Bible studies, on-campus Sunday chapel services, book clubs and more.


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