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According to the Pantone Institute, fall’s color menu is being inspired by things we crave: tranquility, strength and optimism. Those sentiments translate to colors such as Airy Blue, Aurora Red and Bodacious.

Optimism abounds in September. The month sees students return to school and signals a return to our normal routines (or, maybe we do a turnabout and establish new ones). Essentially, September is a month in which we can reinvent ourselves. That was Abby King’s plan. Our intern spent the summer grappling with a touch of separation anxiety, as she was bidding farewell to high school and excitedly preparing for her freshman year at Goshen College in Indiana. “I can be anyone I want to be,” became her mantra. The world was going to be her oyster.

So, we thought it might be apropos to help the future journalism major forge a new image. True to her optimistic outlook, Abby was game for anything. Tiger’s Eye, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, was on board to blend Abby’s youthful optimism with some sophisticated styles. Pam Simmons and her team from Attitudes Hair & Nail Salon, which is celebrating its 18th anniversary, whisked in subtle color from both a hair and makeup perspective.

Meet the new Abby.

“Are these mom jeans?” Abby asked with trepidation. Tiger’s Eye owner, Nadine Buch, assured her the pull-on, straight-legged, crop-length stretch jeans from Jag were the latest incarnation of jeggings. The no-zipper/no-fly concept simply provides for a smooth and lean look. The multi-colored, jewel-neck, long-sleeve T-shirt from Snoskins, which seamlessly skims over the jeans, exemplifies this fall’s color palette.

Accessories include the Baggallini (color is cactus), which was created by two flight attendants. The cross-over style has numerous compartments and is soil and water resistant. And, it’s made in the USA! The ankle-strap sandals (in pistachio) are from Groundhog and are eco and comfort friendly.

Natural-looking makeup and a styled ponytail complete the look that is perfect for breakfast at a favorite coffee shop – in this case, Dosie Dough in Lititz – or looking  polished for class.

Hoping to avoid the proverbial “freshman 15” weight gain, Abby made a beeline for Olio Olive Oils and Balsamics in Lititz to stock up on cooking supplies. The tunic from Terra is one of the season’s must-have items as it easily transitions through fall and into winter (wear it sleeveless on those Indian summer days or pair it with a long-sleeved T-shirt or turtleneck sweater when the air goes from crisp to cold). The crop jersey pants are from Eileen Fisher.

The handcrafted, cut-out sandals are from Walk and are made in the USA (Abby loved them). The Merano-glass stretch bracelets are from Nikaia. The teal bag is from Victoria Leather.

The stylists from Attitudes amped up the makeup a bit in order to complement the dramatic colors in the tunic. Bouncy waves define Abby’s hairstyle.

007_072416_LCmag_LititzWhat do you wear for a dinner date? A dress! This Donna Morgan design addresses all of fall’s style points: color (ink blue), fabric (sheer overlay) and texture (embroidery). Accessories include a dot-beaded bag from Sea Lily and a choker/lariat from Chan Luu. The double-crescent earrings are from California designer Nar.

The team from Attitudes designed a look that employed a modern take on the classic French twist for Abby’s hair. The ever-popular smoky eye was balanced by a neutral lip.

The setting is the General Sutter Inn’s beautiful dining room.

Tips from the Pros

Tammy Bechtold, Rachel Schneider, Pam Simmons

Tammy Bechtold, Rachel Schneider, Pam Simmons

From Pam Simmons at Attitudes

College students who will be far from home should get a good haircut before they leave for campus. A good cut will take them to Thanksgiving break. She also advises that far-flung students should avoid high-maintenance cuts and color.

Abby’s color — courtesy of Attitudes — combines two techniques: balayage and ombre. “It looks natural as it grows out,” Pam says of balayage. The ombre technique delivers brighter ends. “It just adds a little more pizzazz,” she says.

From Tammy Bechtold at Attitudes

As much as you’re tempted, don’t allow a roommate or friend to cut or color your hair. If you can’t make it home before a break, find a salon in your college town.

From Rachel Schneider at Attitudes

Peruse Pinterest for a style that appeals to you, download the photo to your phone/iPad and share it with your stylist.

The Look

According to Pam, women are still loving the bob. But, it’s not a one-cut-fits-all scenario.“There are so many variations,” she notes. Also popular is the natural, wavy look she sums up in one word: “beachy.” Soft, fringy bangs are also in vogue.

The natural look continues with makeup. “It’s more subtle, more natural,” she notes. Even the ever-popular smoky eye is more subdued. Pam uses products from TIGI at her salon.

From Nadine Buch at Tiger’s Eye

Dresses are not one-style fits all. Like jeans, you will need to try on various styles to find one that complements your body shape. Don’t give up! Nadine is also of the opinion that jewelry and accessories provide that all-important finishing touch for any outfit, whether you’re running errands or attending a black-tie event. Unusual, artful jewelry and accessories can help to make a first and lasting impression. “We love to provide our customers with a custom, total look,” she says of the unique head-to-toe looks Tiger’s Eye is known to create. “That’s our forte.”

Fall Fashion What’s In Store
Ruffles, gold metallic, shearling bomber jackets, leather, eye-popping (faux) fur, jumpers, pantsuits, plaid (muted and subtle), turtlenecks, off-the-shoulder, florals, velvet, athleisure, animal print (leopard) and Chinoiserie. In jewelry, look for chokers.

Fall Color Forcast

According to Pantone, here’s what you’ll be seeing in fashion






















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