Hunger-Free Lancaster County

More than 20 local and statewide organizations – nonprofit, for profit, religious, government and grassroots – have joined forces to tackle one of the world’s leading problems: hunger.

Locally, a coalition of generous individuals has set a daring goal: guaranteeing access to three healthy meals a day for everyone in Lancaster County by 2018. The goal may seem daunting, but the mission grows stronger everyday – “building a hunger-free Lancaster County by creating a nutritious, accessible and sustainable food system.” Based on the county’s agriculture, economic strength, and its philanthropic and religious traditions, Lancaster was chosen to be the nation’s first test case to pilot the audacious initiative.

According to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, in 2014 it “distributed more than 4 million pounds of food in Lancaster County, the equivalent of approximately 3.3 million meals. The Food Bank partners with nearly 100 community agencies to distribute food in Lancaster County.” The group’s website also states that the average cost to feed one person one meal in Lancaster County is $2.66.

Earlier this year the organization announced its new chairman, retired State Senator Mike Brubaker, who founded and chaired the Legislative Hunger Caucus and initiated the Capitol Hunger Garden. Leading the three-year-old organization, Brubaker, along with numerous others, is eager to take on the challenge.

There are several ways to help, which include donating, volunteering, sponsoring, fundraising and many more.

For more information, visit hungerfreelancaster.org or call 564-1700.

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