Iron Valley Tubing

The hills that border Lancaster and Lebanon counties have a long history of iron mining. Remnants of that industry are preserved in towns like Cornwall. However, these same hills are now better known for swinging an iron rather than mining for iron. That distinction comes courtesy of Iron Valley Golf Club, which opened in 2000. The course was designed by P. B. Dye and is unique in that it makes use of the terrain’s topographical features on 352 acres overlooking the Lebanon Valley.
While die-hard golfers are not deterred by frozen greens, there comes a time during the winter season when the elements force them to take a break (or head south).
But, it was a shame to let that gorgeous scenery go to waste. So, several winters ago, the folks at Iron Valley closed their driving range and covered it in snow. Iron Valley Tubing was born! The sheer size of the hill (900 feet long with a drop of 130 feet), the stunning views of the Lebanon Valley and the Miner’s Pub (on-site) come together to create a unique opportunity for winter fun for the whole family. Visitors come from as far away as New Jersey to hit the hill.

Visitors who purchase lift tickets are provided with tubes (personal tubes are not allowed). Riders are also required to be at least 40-inches tall to hit the large hill (but, parents are able to link their tubes in a “daisy chain” with children). Those who fall under the 40-inch threshold can tube down a smaller hill. A parent or guardian is required to remain on the premises with riders under the age of 15. Non-riders who prefer to simply watch the action are not required to buy tickets.
The lines tend to keep moving on both the lanes and the lifts. You can spend a few minutes to enjoy the breathtaking view and then you’re headed down the hill again.
Iron Valley Tubing offers a variety of all-day sessions on weekends and holidays (and whenever the Cornwall-Lebanon School District has off due to weather). They also offer limited evening hours during the week. Birthday parties and other gatherings can also be held at Iron Valley. Of course, tubing is dependent on the weather and the facility’s ability to make snow; updates are provided on Iron Valley’s website and Facebook page.
the club house and the Miner’s Pub help to provide some shelter from the cold. The pub, which has a capacity of 100 and offers a children’s menu, welcomes guests on a first-come, first-served basis. For those wanting a quick break from the cold, there is a snack bar downstairs.

Iron Valley Tubing is located at 201 Iron Valley Drive in Lebanon.
Call 717-279-7409 or visit ironvalleytubing.com and Facebook for details.

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