Kristen Hottenstein

The Back Story

I’m a Lancaster County girl! I graduated from Pequea Valley High School and then went to Millersville, where I earned a Bachelor’s in Business. My family has owned The Greenfield since 1991. Now that my brother Rafe is back – after living and working in California – it’s truly a family affair. My dad, Ray Hottenstein, oversees the restaurant and catering firm; my mom, Sue, takes care of the behind-the-scenes duties, and Rafe oversees the kitchen. I specialize in wine. From a personal perspective, exciting things are happening. I’m engaged – Lonnie Wenger popped the question at last year’s Fête en Blanc – and we just bought our first house.

First Job in the Restaurant Industry

During high school, I worked at the Revere Tavern on the weekends, making salads and desserts and helping with dishwashing.

Current Position/Title

I’m the wine buyer and general manager at The Greenfield Restaurant & Bar.

My Interest in Wine was Inspired By

When I turned 21, my dad turned over the wine list and liquor ordering to me. I knew nothing, but I had a few key suppliers who were very nice and patient with me. They would come in week after week and have me taste all the different types of wines.  It was always interesting to taste the differences in the same varietals of wine – like how Chardonnay from Napa is different than Chardonnay that comes from Washington State or from Lancaster County.

Favorite Aspect of My Job

I’ve gotten to travel to some incredible wineries on the West Coast. It’s been fun getting to know people in the industry. And, I love to work with Rafe in designing the menus for the wine dinners the restaurant hosts.

My Favorite Wine Varietal

Rosé! Whether still or sparkling, it is perfect for every occasion!  I am so excited that it is becoming very popular in Lancaster!

Wine-related Magazines/Websites/Social Media I Follow

Wine Spectator, Shaken News Daily and Sommelier Journal

If I Could Work at any Winery in the World for a Week, It Would Be

Veuve Clicquot, which is located in Reims, France (Champagne-Ardenne region), and is about 90 miles from Paris. Besides being one of my favorites, just imagine how amazing it would be to work there! Not only do they make what is arguably some of the best Champagnes in the world, but they were put on the map by a woman back in the 1800s. It’s pretty amazing to think that Madame Clicquot took over her late husband’s business and became a pioneer for all women over 200 years ago!

My Hero/Heroine in the Wine Industry

No question, it’s Madame Clicquot!

The Holidays are Coming; My Suggestions for Turkey-friendly Wines Include

You already know that I love Rosé! Thankfully, it’s a super food-friendly wine and is perfect with turkey! And, I like to always have a few bottles of Pinot Noir on hand, too.

595 Greenfield Rd., Lancaster, 393-0668, Thegreenfieldrestaurant.com

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