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  1. Great article. I’d love to see more invasive plants foraged and have wondered how to create a buzz around helping our natives by eating their competition. Like the garlic mustard mentioned. I believe it came here from settler kitchen gardens so it’s odd that we’ve stopped eating it.

    • The last thing I read about garlic mustard is that is gives off hydrogen cyanide. Our bodies can handle a certain amount of cyanide, but I wouldn’t want to push it. Hydrogen cyanide is the reason I stopped putting clover leaves in my salads. Clover leaves start giving it off about 20 minutes after they’re picked.

  2. Hello! I am interested in gaining knowledge on foraging; I live locally and would not have a problem commuting.
    I am in process of composing a workshop which I would like to incorporate and introduce foraging but have no experience…..
    Do you offer classes? Or would you be willing to take on an apprentice ??
    Please let me know! Excited to learn!!

  3. Correction to my last email…
    I am willing to WORK FOR FREE….not apprentiship.
    Or looking to take classes….