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  1. How remarkable. You have created such beauty. My only criticism of the article is that there are too few pictures of your lovely wife, Carol.

  2. Fantastic article ! Congratulations to Carol, John, and Trey for building a wonderful business model; and for being recognized for their achievements. Knowing John’s love of nature and conservancy, his desire to be actively involved in volunteerism, and his life-long interest in Scouting; makes me proud to call him a good friend. Wishing John, Carol, and Trey continued success! ( Thanks for adding the photos in the article – BEAUTIFUL !! )

    • I found this so very interesting and exciting. How wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty while enjoying retirement from the legal world.
      I share your love of what always brightens my home when I m lucky enough to receive e one
      Stay well and safe and keep growing them.
      My best to your wife