Locaflor Weddings

Brides from coast to coast are expressing an appreciation for local bounty where floral design is concerned.

The Locaflor movement is making itself known in Lancaster thanks to educated consumers (namely the Millennials), social media (for example, Floret’s Instagram “likes” probably average 20,000 per image) and the area’s barns and historic venues that attract both local and destination weddings.

According to the Produce Marketing Association, which is based in Newark, Delaware, the farmer-florist phenomenon is becoming a driving force in the look of floral design for weddings. The association predicts that its influence will only accelerate. Demand for exotic flowers from the other side of the world is being replaced by a new-found love for old-fashioned flowers such as zinnias, sweet peas, peonies, dahlias and chrysanthemums.

Succulents continue to be an integral part of floral design. Victoria likes to incorporate them into bouquets and boutonnieres. “They make delicate floral elements look even more beautiful,” she remarks. She also utilizes them to create what she calls “living heirloom jewelry.” And, they make for wonderful take-home gifts for guests, as they can be potted or planted. “The sharing aspect is what helped to make hens and chicks so popular,” she notes.

What is trending in the floral look of weddings? According to Victoria and Elisabeth it’s:

  • Green and White Bouquets
  • Foraged Elements such as Seed Pods, Grasses, Reeds, Twigs, etc.
  • Simple Table Arrangements
  • Big, Splashy Arrangements That Can Be Moved from Site to Site or Room to Room
  • Overhead/Hanging Floral Installations
  • Living Jewelry
  • Delicate Floral Tiaras
  • Shawls/Wraps Made from Flowers
  • Bold Colors
  • Bridal Attendants Carrying Wreaths Instead of Bouquets
  • Floral Tattoos

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Other Local Flower Farms to Check Out

The following are listed as farmer-florist members of the Floret Flower Farm Collective. All offer a variety of services.

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