Making A Comeback!

While mid-century has been all the rage for the past few years, styles from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and even the ‘90s are making return appearances … with modern twists.


Blue and white make for a fresh color combo. Bedding is from Tommy Hilfiger/Bon-Ton.

Ralph Lauren lamps are from HomeGoods.

Blue & White

Modern patterns are giving this color scheme a new lease on life. Once the domain of nautical and cottage-themed décor, Sheri reports it’s moving in other directions and is a good fit with eclectic design.


As seen at the Bon-Ton, brass is back and it shines as an accessory.


A throwback to the ‘60s and ‘70s, brass is being used in accessories (plant containers), as well as the bath and kitchen (plumbing fixtures). This time around, it’s softer in appearance and delivers an antique look. “People are getting tired of chrome and brushed nickel,” Sheri Smoker says.


Kitchen Aid’s ever-expanding palette of colors now includes orange, which provides a pop of color for the kitchen.

Orange is also a good choice for adding a touch of summer to other rooms in the house.


No, not the burnt-orange hue that was popular in the ‘60s and early ‘70s and served as a companion to harvest gold and avocado. This time around it’s a sun-drenched orange that’s a good fit with nautical and cottage décor.


Flokati is the new look of shag carpets. As seen on Amazon.com.

Shag Carpet

Flokati is the buzzword for shag carpeting 21st century style. Ideally, it’s made in Greece from sheep’s wool, although synthetics are available. “It was big at High Point,” Sheri notes of the fall market.


As seen on BHG.com, macrame is back!


Can you dig it? Maybe your mother or grandmother have some of these iconic plant hangers stashed in their basements or attics. The resurgence of macramé is no doubt being driven by the maker’s movement.


Mid-century is hotter than ever.


Mid-century furniture designs and styling is more popular than ever. Major manufacturers are releasing reproductions. If the real deal is more to your liking, treasures await at flea markets, thrift shops, antiques shops and maybe even grandma’s attic.


Pastels have more depth than their predecessors from the ‘50s, as is evident in the guest room of Sheri Smoker’s home.

Pastel Color

An ode to the ‘50s, today’s modern pastels are richer and less baby-like than their predecessors. Be sure to balance them with bold pops of color.


Skirted tables are back in vogue.

Skirted Tables

This popular look from the ‘90s is more organic and less formal looking thanks to fabrics such as linen. Top it with a colorful vintage scarf to create a retro look.


No, dainty flowers and bold stripes of yesteryear are not staging a comeback. According to Sheri, wallpaper has undergone a metamorphosis. Look for geometrics, modern florals, sparkle and lots of texture. “Grasscloth is back, too,” she says.


Flourish is part of Candice Olson’s Modern Artisan collection for York Wallcoverings.

Wallpaper is better than ever! This bold Jacobean floral is from York Wallcoverings’ Carey Lind Designs collection.

Natural elements are celebrated by Ronald Redding’s Medley collection for York Wallcoverings.



Sheri Smoker lined the walls of her pottery studio with wood a la shiplap.

Wood Paneling

One word: shiplap. Yes, we have Joanna and Chip Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper to thank for America’s obsession with this wood treatment that is hung horizontally as opposed to vertically. Not sure? York Wallcoverings has a line of Magnolia Market wallpaper that includes a shiplap design.

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