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  1. There is also dedicated Art Gallery in Mount Gretna, the Gallery at La Cigale. Located in the building next to Mount Gretna Mini Golf, the Gallery hosts different Guest Artist from South/Eastern Pennsylvania as well as a core group of Artists all year long. They have a First Friday Artist reception each month. The same building is home to La Cigale French linen Shop, a family owned business specializing in french table covers that can be custom sewn to fit your tables.La Cigale is located across from the Chautauqua.

  2. I was a 13 year old young fellow when I auditioned for the role of ” Raymond”, Corliss Archer’s young brother, in the play “Kiss and Tell” in August, 1949 and was chosen. My brother , Tom, played the role three years earlier at ‘Gretna’. The director was Charles F Coughlan. Am now almost 85, retired USMC officer, and Viet Nam vet with some of the fondest memories from my youth of that summer at Mt. Gretna. I had at one time wanted to be in the theatre but I have this bad habit–I like to eat and aspiring actors go through famine periods and since I like to eat, I became a Marine. I still act- badly!
    Best wishes to The Gretna Playhouse.
    Ted Scotes