Quarryville Presbyterian: Retire the Ordinary and Live the Extraordinary

Gardening and Nature at Quarryville Presbyterian

Photos by Nick Gould

For over 70 years, Christ-centered living has been our hallmark at Quarryville. We are a community alive with rich cultural activity, exciting programming for physical and spiritual wellness and ample opportunities to use your God-given gifts. Retirement at Quarryville means engaging new and old interests, and our campus has all the resources to make your day come to life. Even better, our community is full of people who share your interests and eagerly look for friends to join in the fun. This spirit makes Quarryville one of the most energetic, enthusiastic retirement settings in Pennsylvania.

Set in the peaceful countryside of Lancaster County, Quarryville’s campus offers a variety of natural areas for residents and visitors to enjoy. Walking paths, gardens, a labyrinth, a koi pond with a soothing waterfall and a larger pond stocked with fish allow residents to get outside and experience nature in different environments.

The Five Stones Pond provides a peaceful setting where you can take a leisurely walk around the pond on a paved path, sit and relax on a nearby bench, enjoy some bird watching or grab your fishing pole to see what may be biting at the dock. The pond is stocked every year with about 500 to 1,000 fish, including bass, bluegill, sunfish and baitfish.

At Quarryville, you can wear as many different hats as you please. One of our more popular resident activities is gardening. Gardening has been shown to improve immune system function, relieve stress and anxiety, provide light exercise and lift your mood. Generally, being out in nature and sunshine is good for the soul. 

Quarryville has 10 ground garden plots and 12 raised garden plots. Every spring, residents apply for a garden; many residents use the same plot each year as they care for the soil and plants. They enjoy getting their hands in the dirt and tending to individual vegetable or flower gardens. The raised beds are automatically irrigated so there is no need to lug water to the garden plots.

Near the individual garden plots there is also a labyrinth where you can take a walk, slow down the pace of life, pray, reflect and enjoy being surrounded by nature. The labyrinth is bordered by trees and shrubs that provide a green, lush backdrop.

Across from our outdoor sport court, you will find another garden area highlighted by a white gazebo proclaiming, “The LORD is my Rock and my Fortress” (Psalm 18:2). A delightful fountain completes the sitting area with seasonal flowers providing a medley of colors for the eye to enjoy. Next to the fountain is a greenhouse where residents can grow flowers and plants over the winter and nurture seedlings for their individual gardens.

Gardening can provide a personal connection to nature, a means to make new friends, an enjoyable form of exercise, increased mobility and flexibility, stress reduction and improved well-being, as well as prevent osteoporosis and boost brain health. One of our resident gardening enthusiasts, a caretaker for her husband, says that being in the garden gives her a chance to enjoy some peaceful time alone while keeping a watchful eye on her spouse who sits contentedly by the koi pond. 


Type of Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community that strives to provide for the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of our residents through high-quality facilities, services and personal care in a manner faithful to the Bible and honoring our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Range of Services

We offer a wide array of Residential Living options, including cottage homes in our Great Rock neighborhood, spacious apartments, as well as Personal Care, Skilled Nursing Care, Rehabilitation and Memory Support.

Residential Options

Several styles of cottage homes and apartments with a variety of layouts, including one- and two-bedrooms and efficiencies. 

Health/Fitness Facility/Activities

We offer a wide variety of services for your unique health and fitness needs. Our state-of-the-art fitness center, aquatic center, indoor walking track, outdoor walking path with a pond and new outdoor sport court provide many opportunities to maximize your health and wellness.

Spiritual Connections

Many different spiritual opportunities are available to residents, including chapel, vespers, Sunday school, Bible study, community hymn sing, prayer for missions, men’s Bible study, Bible memorization, prayer for persecuted Christians and the personal ministry of a full-time chaplain.


625 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville, PA 17566

Quarryville.com • 717-786-7321


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