Papaya Tartar

With Liquid Mango Yolk, Salsa en Polvo and Lime

Serves 6

When it’s finely diced, ripe papaya can almost pass for diced raw tuna or beef from both an appearance and texture perspective. Ripe papaya is silky and creamy; when it’s dressed with a little lime (or lemon), it’s truly amazing. Add Salsa en Polvo and the fruit’s flavor simply explodes. This dry seasoning is made from ground chile pepper and dried lime juice. A touch of dried, ground Sumac adds a little heat, a much needed tang and a slight touch of savory to the mix. You can find both ingredients at Williams-Sonoma, as well as Mexican grocery/specialty stores. As for the “yolk,” it comes courtesy of smoothly pureed mango. Prep is easy: Simply spoon the papaya mix into a ring mold and garnish with a few papaya seeds and lime zest, and you have a simple, yet elegant dish that provides the perfect ending for Easter dinner.


  • 3 cups Meridol Papaya, ripe, peeled, de-seeded (save some seeds for garnish) fine dice
  • 1 Lime, finely zest 1/2 of the lime; the rest can be zested into thin strips for garnish and set aside
  • 1 Lime, juice of (from lime above)
  • 1/2 tsp. Salsa en Polvo, plus more for garnish
  • 1/4 tsp. Sumac, dried, ground
  • 1/2 Mango, ripe, pitted, peeled, blended at high speed until entirely smooth


Just before serving, combine the papaya, lime zest/juice, Salsa en Palvo and Sumac in a small mixing bowl and toss well. Spoon the mixture into three-inch-sized ring molds, in the center of chilled dessert plates, pressing down to compact the papaya. Using the back of a spoon, press it into the top of the papaya mold to create an egg-yolk-sized divot. Spoon the mango into the divot. Garnish with lime zest strips and sprinkle the plate with a touch more of the Salsa en Palvo. Serve immediately.

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