Red Wine Poached Pears with Whipped Cream

Serves 4

When pears are in season, one of the nicest ways you can prepare them is to simply poach them as a dessert – and one of the nicest things to poach them in is red wine. Due to Beaujolais’ simple, non tannic, un-oaked nature, this is a great wine to use. After the pears are cooked and cooled in the wine – plus a little sugar and a cinnamon stick – the liquid gets reduced down to a syrup, which then gets served with the pears and some whipped cream…or ice cream!


1/2 bottle Beaujolais Nouveau

1/4 cup Granulated Sugar

1 Cinnamon Stick

4 Bosc Pears, firm-ripe, peeled, cores scooped out from the underside of the pears using a melon-baller

As needed: Whipped Cream, Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt

Optional: Fresh Mint Sprigs, for garnish


1. In a wide pot, bring wine, sugar and cinnamon stick to a simmer.

2. Add pears and cover with a paper towel to keep them from floating up out of the liquid. Bring liquid back to a slow simmer and cook pears gently for approximately 15 min. or until they can be pierced cleanly down to the very insides with a bit of resistance. Remove pot from the heat and cool pears in liquid to room temperature.

4. Remove pears from wine to a clean container, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

5. Remove cinnamon stick from pot and reduce liquid down by 3/4 to a syrupy consistency. Chill until ready to serve.

6. Just before serving, roll pears in syrup, serve whole or cut and drizzle with remaining syrup. Serve with whipped cream, ice cream or frozen yogurt, and and garnish with mint.

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