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In may’s column, I introduced you to two-wheeled tours that are offered by Intercourse Bikeworks and Lititz Bikeworks. The resulting feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and I received a number of messages asking for information about other tours. There is always more to explore, so grab a helmet as we hit the road again; only this time, we’ll pull back the throttle and feel the engine roar as we take off with Strasburg Scooters.

The rural countryside around Strasburg makes for a beautiful drive or ride – especially during the fall season. As a motorcycle enthusiast, Marc Crusemire knew this very well. His creative engine began firing as he saw the opportunity to offer that experience to a wider audience. With that, Strasburg Scooters was born to provide 50cc scooter tours that offer an experience unlike any other.


There are three scooters to choose from: a one-seater, two-seater or the 3-wheeled Scoot Coupe. While riders are required to have a valid driver’s license, Pennsylvania does not require a motorcycle license for these sized engines. The experience is similar to riding a bicycle, but with a constant 20-25 mph to keep a cool breeze on you. That’s helpful because the Covered Bridge Tour covers an average distance of 40 miles and takes 2-1/2 to 3 hours to complete. The tours take the experience beyond just the ride, as your guide will provide you with insight and details about the area’s history and the Amish culture.

It deserves mentioning that the tours are a labor of love for Marc and his wife, Nikki. The duo is involved in every aspect of the tours from creating the routes to booking tours, welcoming guests, guiding the tours and even refueling the fleet. While they can’t lead every single tour themselves, the couple seeks only the safest and most knowledgeable guides around to lead the way in their absence.


There are a variety of tours offered by Strasburg Scooters, including the classic Covered Bridge Tour, Amish Country Mystery Tour, Bridges & Brew Tour, All Aboard Date Night Tour and more. On September 8, there will be “A Very Special Tour” to benefit a very special place – the Clinic for Special Children, which is located just outside Strasburg.

According to Strasburg Scooters’ website, the clinic was “raised” in 1990 with assistance from the local Amish and Mennonite communities to offer a trusted place for treatment and prevention of genetic illnesses. This humble timber-framed structure houses an array of high-tech gene-sequencing tools and a highly trained staff to help detect and treat potential genetic disorders in a nurturing environment. This beautiful countryside tour comes with some delicious Amish-made chicken barbecue. All the proceeds will be donated to the Clinic for Special Children.

To see all of the various tours, dates and rates, visit strasburgscooters.com.

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