Senior Living: Taking Kitchen Design to Heart

The kitchen has always been regarded as the heart of the home. From the excitement of buying your first home as a newlywed to raising a family, the kitchen has always been the space that provided that all-important connection, whether you were entertaining friends for the first time or cooking holiday dinners that became an anticipated family tradition. 

As older adults who are taking up residence at senior living communities are discovering, you can, as the saying goes, “have your cake and eat it, too.” Senior living communities have adopted an all-new philosophy where kitchens are concerned. What can only be described as the kitchenettes of old have evolved into modern-day kitchens that are spacious, stylish, on-trend and outfitted with amenities such as islands, beverage stations and high-tech appliances. After all, now that you have the time to cook (or perhaps widen your horizons from a culinary standpoint) and entertain, a kitchen with all the bells and whistles makes perfect sense. 

Our senior living communities also have a reputation to uphold – Lancaster County is regarded in many circles as the kitchen capital of the country, due to the many highly regarded cabinet-making companies and other vendors that are located here. 

Explore Retirement Living 

October 21, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 

If you or a loved one are contemplating making the move to a retirement community, put October 21 on your calendar. This annual tour will see 17 communities – many featured on the following pages – fully open their doors to visitors. This year’s tour comes at the perfect time – earlier this year, U.S. News & World Report named Lancaster as the No. 1 place to retire in the United States. The results were based on such criteria as cost of living, taxes, superior healthcare, access to cultural activities and the happiness factor. 

Visitors are encouraged to bring along friends and family members whose advice they respect. Plan to spend at least an hour at each of the communities you wish to visit. You’re also advised to wear comfortable shoes, as walking distances will vary. Questions are welcome and follow-up visits can certainly be arranged. 

Finally, bring your appetite! You will be invited to sample food and beverages along the way. No doubt, you’ll discover that just as with kitchen design, Lancaster’s senior living communities have upped the ante where dining out on campus is concerned. As a result, you’ll see gorgeous restaurants, cozy cafés and coffee shops, plant-shrouded outdoor-dining venues, health-conscious take-outs and upscale wine bars.   

For details, visit exploreretirementliving.org. 

Photography by Nick Gould

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