Spring is in the Air!

April has finally arrived. I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch the cold, vacant pastures of the countryside once again start the cycle of life.

I captured this month’s photo of spring lambs behind the Countryside Road-Stand in Ronks last year. It’s one of my regular stops along Stumptown Road, which is just south of Leola. When the weather breaks, I like to go there and get myself a soft pretzel and a milkshake. Or, sometimes I get a fresh loaf of bread, some jam and a lemonade. Then, I travel about a quarter mile to the William Morton Bird Sanctuary that sits across Newport Road from the Mascot Roller Mill and Ressler Family Home. I like to sit along the banks of Mill Creek and enjoy my snack as the fresh air blows through. I might even drop a hook in the water to see if I get a nibble.

Since the area is literally in my own “backyard,” a large segment of my photos are representative of the countryside between Leola, Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand. Now, I can already imagine a few of you locals rolling your eyes at the idea of playing backyard tourist in Amish country. I’m here to tell you that driving around the countryside is a great way to spend a spring day, whether you’re from Leola or Buffalo. Just roll down the windows, turn on some tunes and enjoy the fact that spring is in the air. Besides being gorgeous, the area is also filled with lots of great family-owned shops, roadside stands, greenhouses, antiques shops, historic sites and even a petting zoo at Hayloft Candles on Groffdale Road. I always seem to find something interesting that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Feel free to follow along on my blog at amishroadshow.com. I’ll be wandering these roads every day and sharing my best photos daily!

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