Stephanie Samuel   

The Back Story

I grew up outside of Lititz. My mom was always baking, as was my Gram. After graduating from Warwick, I moved to Baltimore to attend Maryland Institute College of Art. I graduated with a BFA and continued my education at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, with the intent of earning an associate’s degree in Interior Design. I worked for a very well-known event planner in Miami named Barton G until I had my first child in 2005. At that point, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. A new job offer for my husband and two kids later, we found ourselves back in PA. Still a stay-at-home mom, I started baking for fun with my kids, which led to Facebook postings of what we made. I had no idea that those pictures would be shared the way they were and before I knew it, Sugar Whipped was created and I was getting orders for events.

Favorite Childhood Memory from a Food Standpoint

Probably my favorite is my Gram and her cinnamon rolls. They were incredible! She made them on Saturday, using dough that was leftover from baking bread. As kids, we always hoped there would be lots of leftover dough! They never lasted past Sunday. My other favorite memory is my mom letting us make and decorate our own birthday cakes. My brother and I loved the chance to choose what we wanted and then create our designs.

First Job in the Industry

My own bakery. I never worked in a restaurant, never worked in a bakery; the closest thing to food, besides learning from my mom and my Gram, was working for Barton G. He had quite the imagination and flair for food and how it should be presented. The sky was never the limit for him and even though he was a very difficult person to work for, I really admired his desire for perfection and creating the wow factor.

Services My Company Offers

Cupcakes are Sugar Whipped’s signature item (when we find the time, we make cakes). We do a lot of custom orders for weddings, corporate events, birthdays and anniversaries. We also have a food truck that travels to farmer’s markets such as Lititz and Musser Park, and events of all kinds held in Lancaster and surrounding counties.

Culinary Magazines/Websites/Social Media I Follow

Cupcake Talk, CakeSpy, Epicurious, Food Network and Jeni Britton.

What’s the Latest Trend in Cupcakes

Our line of vegan and gluten-free items have proven to be very popular.

My Favorite Cupcake Flavor

That’s a tough one! I favor all our flavors in one way or another. There are flavors on my menu that were made for certain people in my life, so there is that significance, which makes it even harder to pick a favorite.

Favorite Music to Bake By

That depends on my mood. However, I do love reggae and folk music.

If I Could Work With Any Pastry Chef in the World …

Jeni Britton would be that person. She is more of an ice cream maker than a pastry chef, but what she comes up with is amazing. Her flavor combinations are incredible and she is a woman – and mom – who built a name for herself.

Why People Love Cupcakes

Because they are easy and portable. And, cupcakes are a way to have a dessert of your choice without feeling like you have an entire cake you need to finish or it will go to waste.

Sugarwhippedbakery.com, 964-8705

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