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Finding contentment with what one has can be difficult, especially for children. In an often materialistic society, many kids experience the pressure to fit in with peers through possessions such as trendy clothes or the latest gadgets. Local author, Jessica Whipple, addresses the “fuzzy boundary between wants and needs” in her debut children’s picture book, titled Enough Is… The book poses the question: How many friends, clothes, toys or books are enough?

The 32-page book, illustrated by Nicole Wong of Fall River, Massachusetts, follows one child as she learns the difference between wants and needs and, in the end, feels the contentment that comes from being satisfied with what she has. Published by Tilbury House, Enough Is… is recommended for children ages 6-8 years old and will be available to the public April 18. Aaron’s Books in Lititz will be hosting a launch event for Jessica’s debut book on Sunday,
April 16, at 2 p.m.

Meet the Author: Jessica Whipple

Photo by Nick Gould

Jessica, along with her husband and two young daughters, recently moved from Pittsburgh to Lancaster. Jessica has another book on the way this year, titled I Think I Think a Lot, which will be available to the public August 29. Ahead of her debut book release, Jessica shared a glimpse into her journey to become an author.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

A: I have a communications degree, so writing has always been a component of any traditional “job” I’ve had, whether as a copywriter at a marketing agency or writing a newsletter for a nonprofit. But the inkling to see if I could write a picture book came when I was a young mom with a toddler and an infant. It started as curiosity: “Could I do this? What does it take to write and publish a book?” And the more I dug into those questions, the deeper my research took me [and] the more excited I became at the idea. 

Q: Why children’s books?

A: I like the interplay between images and text that’s balanced so perfectly in picture books. They’re the smallest iteration of an idea, in a perfect package of art and words. I like squeezing something big into such a small space.

Q: What inspired you to write Enough Is…?

A: I don’t know where ideas come from, but I don’t feel 100% responsible for my own. Maybe they come from God? All I know is, I didn’t have the idea, and then I did. I know it was fueled by my desire to share things about the world with my own children.

Q: Can you tell me about your other upcoming book, I Think I Think a Lot?

A: That one’s inspired by my experience with OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. It follows an overthinking, worry-filled child as she compares her own thinking patterns to those of her friends. They seem troublingly different, but she comes to discover the beauty in her own way of experiencing the world.

To learn more about Jessica, visit authorjessicawhipple.com. 

Book Launch Details
When: Sunday, April 16, at 2 p.m.

Where: Aaron’s Books, 35 East Main Street, Lititz

What: Jessica Whipple will be celebrating the release of her book, Enough Is…, with a book signing. Enough Is… can be preordered from Aaron’s Books or purchased at the event. Only books purchased  at Aaron’s Books can be signed at the event. RSVPs are required via aaronsbooks.com


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