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  1. Been following this from day one. Horrible that people treat animals like this . We need laws to make people accountable for their actions. Lancaster county is known for puppy mills. We must stop this! We are the voice for the voiceless.

  2. The story of Libre and everyone involved is heart warming. THANKS to Janine & Dillsburg Vet. Libre will live a long loving life. The Libre bill in the Senate will be passed and set a new laws for all animals.

  3. Thank you for covering this story! I have been following from the beginning. Janine, Jen, Dextin & the Pryors are special angels, we need more of them in the world. Go Libre!!

  4. Please pass the bill to make animal abuse a felony offense!! These animals trust and rely in their humans for everything. Any human that destroys that trust should be punished. Libre is a lucky one. He is a survivor…and a handsome one to add! Love you lil Libre!!

  5. Great article! Thank you too for using your magazine as a format to bring awareness and the need for change to Pennsylvania’s animal cruelty laws. Libre is truly a precious “bug-eyed miracle”, through his amazing journey & along with Janine’s love, kindness and devotion to animals and their welfare the fight will continue!

  6. Libre’s story and media attention about the horse that was beat while dying has brought to light one of the darkest secrets of Lancaster County. Some Amish are not gentle people and instead are puppy mill owners and animal abusers. They are not called out because of tourism and money. The Bishops will not halt puppy mills until a financial strain is out in them by the public. A cover-up of abuse as long as the history of Kancaster County.

  7. Libre has touched the hearts of so many across the country and the world. If we won’t fend for these animals who will. Libre is a case of hope for so many but there are stories that don’t have a happy ending.We need to stop the puppy mills especially in Pennsylvania.The laws need to make it so difficult and costly that these inhumane persons will have second thoughts about even trying to start or keep a puppy mill. When will these people learn. Obviously they haven’t so far so now we need to make it a law and then maybe they will listen. We all have a responsibility to take care of those creatures that God has given to us that can’t fend for themselves. I’m so glad that Libre has been given a furever home and a special calling to help those who have no voice. God Bless each and everyone that had and still has a part in saving Libres life.We will always have a special place in our hearts for a little dog that many of us have never met!

  8. Thank God for working through his faithful servants. Thank his faithful servants for listening to his command. We are stewards and guests on this planet. Our responsibility is to leave it better than it was before we got here. I am a better person because of the honor of experiencing this glorious puppy’s story. I was suffering from severe depression and not doing well. Every day he held on and improved was a day for me to do the same. He didn’t just make an impact and change for the animal world; he touched my life in such a powerful way. Maybe there were others he effected similarly as well. I’ll never know for sure. One thing I do know with absolute certainty, LIBRE IS A ROCK STAR! He has a special place in my heart and I haven’t even had the chance to meet him. What amazingly, positive power he has for one so young and small. God bless all who cared for him and prayed for him. You are all truly super stars! ????

  9. Thank You to all the members of the Band Libre, also to the staff at DVC. Your good deeds and kindness to all animals has not gone unnoticed, Dextin, you make this fellow CHS graduate extremely proud!

  10. What a great article! And much deserved accolades to all involved! I hope and pray all the bills pass and cruelty to animals is not just a slap on the wrist anymore. Senator Alloway… You Rock!