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  1. A useful trick is to use a digital camera to find and view the petroglyphs. For some reason, the petroglyphs often stand out better when viewed with the camera’s LCD screen than when viewed with the naked eye.

  2. The local natives “disappeared”?!?!? Bahahaha more like deliberately wiped out by colonists. Smh ‍♀️

  3. Question being so old of a rock.
    Like Pipestone once carved or marked with heat gets hard.
    Or clay along river has foot prints that are in granite strength stone÷
    Our South Dak. prayer rocks (nameing sites) with hand and foot prints worn in or were they?

  4. My theory is that something out of the sky caught someone’s attention that looked real . Human face’s from the shadows of the moon and earth coming together causing the clouds to take shape letting us on earth know that there is happiness and sadness and that there is a passage of life after death. Thank you.