Watch & Clock Museum Honors Volunteer

As a nonprofit, the Watch & Clock Museum and the Library & Research Center of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (NAWCC) rely on volunteers to keep their operations running. In 2013, more than 50 of the museum’s dedicated volunteers gave nearly 6,000 documented hours. Of those 50+ volunteers, one in particular was honored as Volunteer of the Year for his outstanding generosity and length of service: Gregory Gerhart of Marietta.

Gregory was introduced to the NAWCC more than 40 years ago by his uncle. After he retired from the Kellogg Company, Gregory decided to dedicate his time to the Watch & Clock Museum by greeting members and visitors, guiding group tours and taking on various gallery projects. He also now serves as a part-time gallery attendant and has lent his technical experience in rebuilding the museum’s display-case lighting units. “With funds from a donor and support from the units’ manufacturer, Greg was able to single-handedly improve the experience of our museum visitors by ensuring that the objects on display are adequately lighted,” states Museum Director Noel Poirer. “It simply wouldn’t have been possible without him.”

The NAWCC has a variety of volunteer positions available in the areas of event planning, education, exhibit construction and archival research. Contact the volunteer coordinator at 717-684-8261 ext. 237 for more information.

514 Poplar St., Columbia. Museumoftime.org.

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