A Very Chilly Lititz Fire & Ice Festival

Food trucks, ice sculptures, and thousands of people filled the streets this past weekend for the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival and wow was it cold! I went on Friday night for my first ever Fire and Ice experience.  

An ice carver saws away at his sculpture of a pair of sneakers.

After exploring some of the 70 ice sculptures, we walked up North Broad Street to the General Sutter Inn to check out the ice bar and ice luge featuring Fernet Branca, which is an Italian dark liqueur (I am not a fan)The patio at The Sutter was filled with people in puffy jackets and hats crowded around small fireplaces. In addition to Fernet Branca, the bar also offered mulled wine, orange marmalade bourbon smash, and cinnamon spiked cider which kept my hands nice and warm.  

The patio at the General Sutter Inn

Over 30 food trucks made it hard to choose what to eat, so I decided to have three courses. I started with spicy lamb souvlaki from Phyllodelphia, then shared a maple bacon funnel cake with some friends and finished the night off with some truffle lobster fries from the WOW WagonIt was all so delicious; my only complaint was how fast we had to scarf the food down or else we would start losing feeling in our hands.


To keep warm, we took a stroll through the Market at The Wilbur and Renewal Kombucha to regain feeling in our fingers and toes. Herds of people made their way through the Heat Tent to get a few seconds of warmth.  

If you missed the festival, the ice sculptures will remain up as long as the weather permits, according to the event’s website. Be sure to check out Lititz’s unique downtown scene and the ice sculptures before they are taken down. 

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