Reasons to Smile

Our news feeds are cluttered with scary headlines and statistics surrounding the coronavirus. It is all anyone can talk about. It

Top 10 April To-Dos

As of press time, the following events were scheduled to be held. We recommend that you call or check the

Visit Conestoga

Because of the coronavirus situation, we suggest that you check with restaurants and stores on their status beforehand.   Now that you’ve

Staying sane during self-isolation

Being stuck at home for an indefinite amount of time sounds like an introvert’s dream, but even the world’s biggest

Sunshine and Shadows

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to renew and revamp our gardens from the ground up. What follows are

Jollification! Celebrating the 90th Birthday of Bob Groff

Ten years ago, his 80th birthday party was cancelled – buried in Snowmageddon’s 20+ inches of snow. When Bob Groff hit

Prima: Primed for Year 10 … and Beyond

Before the romantic and hilarious thrill ride Calling All Kates premiered in February, I had the opportunity to talk with


Most people take their local history with a grain of salt, opting to travel to historic sites far and wide