End of Summer

Now nearing the end of the summer, I find myself (like every other student) wishing the summer didn’t have to end. When classes start back up, I know I won’t be able to immerse myself in Lancaster the way I have been ­– going to market every week, visiting all the new restaurants and taking hikes or day trips with friends. Since classes, homework and campus life will be taking up most of my time, finding opportunities to walk downtown will be few and far between.

Even though it’ll be more difficult with a full schedule, I’ll still go out of my way to get off campus. Since I’ve now really taken advantage of Lancaster County and explored the area, I have a feeling that limiting myself to campus isn’t going to cut it anymore. Here’s a list of some of my favorite spots for this coming fall:


1. Lititz (particularly Lititz Springs Park)

This is probably my favorite find of the summer. Lititz was one of the towns I got to visit during the course of my internship, and I immediately fell in love. Lititz actually reminded me a lot of Concord, Massachusetts, my old high school stomping ground. I had a great time stopping in for lunch at Café Chocolate and look forward to exploring some of the other cute little spots on East Main Street when I have some more time to explore. Lititz Springs Park was undoubtedly the highlight with its creek and abundance of ducks swimming about. I’ll definitely be finding the time to visit again (luckily the bus conveniently stops right in the middle of town) and walk along the paths with some feed for my feathered friends.


2. Clipper Magazine Stadium (Lancaster Heart Walk)

Another thing I’ve enjoyed doing this summer is seeing a couple Barnstormers games at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Since the stadium isn’t far from Franklin & Marshall’s campus, this will hopefully be one of the easier things to continue doing through the end of the team’s season in September. I’m also excited to be participating in the Lancaster Heart Walk, which will take place at Clipper Magazine Stadium Saturday, September 15. By updating the events this summer on the Lancaster County magazine’s website, working on weekly newsletters and creating social media posts based on LCM’s events, I became aware of a number of fundraisers and 5ks like this one that I hope to have the chance to participate in.


3. West Orange Street Courtyard

The courtyard shared by The Pottery Works, Lancaster Pickle Company, and The Rabbit & The Dragonfly is another hidden gem I intend to continue to take advantage of. Accessible from West Orange Street and hidden just behind The Pottery Works, this cute little courtyard is characterized by brick enclosed flower beds, wrought iron outdoor seating and a crisscross of overhanging string lights. This spot is perfect on a nice day to come and read with a cup of coffee from the nearby Café One Eight or a cupcake from Lancaster Cupcake down the street. You’ll be sure to find me there on the odd weekend with my homework and snacks.


Even though the summer has to end, places like these will continue to be on my radar when the leaves begin to change. The best part of my internship with Lancaster County magazine has been how its allowed me to become more aware of the place I live, exposing me to new places and encouraging my interest in exploring and trying new things. Taking these experiences and writing about them has been incredibly fun, and I look forward to continuing with my writing through my work as a contributing writer and arts & leisure editor for Franklin & Marshall College’s newspaper, The College Reporter, as well as through my food blog The Little Tomato. It’s been a great summer interning at Lancaster County magazine! Thanks for reading!

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