Getaway in a Glass

Photographing food has always intrigued me. I think it’s the primitive nature of the tones and textures that are so alluring. It’s something we can all relate to, and it connects us on a very basic level.

Lee Noble, who has been a long-time friend, undoubtedly qualifies as a cocktail connoisseur. Hailing from the Midwest, Lee started his career at Pour three years ago as the bar manager and beverage director. I remember one of the first times I sat down for an evening nightcap and Lee, calm and confident, suggested I try one of his specials: a whiskey drink inspired by midsummer nights around a campfire.

I took a sip and was immediately taken there. Top notes of sweet golden honey and syrup were followed by a deep, lingering finish of peat smoke and summer sage. I could feel the cool night air wrap around me as if I was sitting right there with close friends in front of a warm, crackling bonfire. This kid is good!

I love people who are passionate about what they do. Lee’s talent goes way beyond just whipping up a drink; it’s artistry pure and simple. So a while back, I asked him if we could collaborate on a story. We settled on another summery, semi-tropical concoction featuring traditional Jamaican rum, Barbados liqueur and cilantro-infused pineapple shrub.

When I arrived, Lee had it all set up. A spread of gorgeous ingredients accompanied a line of exotic liquor bottles that sported old Audubon vibes. Heaven!

Lee and I are very similar in that we are both perfectionists at heart. While I hurried around trying to find the best light, he meticulously prepped and arranged everything to a T. It took a few rounds of lighting pineapples on fire and chasing a setting sun, but we finally managed to find a rhythm and, in my opinion, captured some pretty delicious shots!


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