Oola Bowls

On a quiet Friday morning, I woke my roommate up at 7:40 to go to Lancaster Central Market with me, and I’m so happy I did.


It was going to storm later in the day, so the air was thick and humid, but I didn’t mind. I was just so happy that it was finally warm out. My roommate and I hopped into the car and rode into the city with the windows down.


The market was pretty packed for an early Friday morning. My roommate made a beeline for some produce, while I admired bouquets of flowers and intricately painted pots filled with succulents.


After wandering around a bit more, we stopped at Oola Bowl. I had heard a lot of great things about the stand, so I was excited to finally experience what everyone was talking about. Their niche is Acai bowls, which are basically smoothie bowls made from the Brazilian, purple berry with a variety of seeds, grains and fruits on top.

I got the “Oola Bowl,” named after the stand itself, which was made up of Acai, granola, peanut butter, banana, blueberries, strawberries, honey drizzle, chia seeds and coconut flakes. My roommate got the Naked Bowl, which gives you the freedom to choose your own five toppings.


We left the market to sit outside along the street and enjoy our Oola Bowls. They were so refreshing and made me want to eat healthier throughout the rest of the day.


Oola Bowl’s stand can be found in Central Market on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They also have a food truck for special events and occasions. Soon they will have their own stand in The Market at The Wilbur in Lititz when it opens early this summer. Learn more about Oola Bowl at https://oolabowls.com/.

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