Outdoor Dining in Lancaster City

Outdoor Dining in Lancaster City

Lancaster City is an exciting place to explore, with a new restaurant seemingly around every corner and fun new local businesses popping up every season. As a college student without access to a car, getting off campus and finding my way around Lancaster’s burgeoning downtown seemed daunting. If you’re like me and also don’t have the luxury of hopping in a car and driving from place to place, fret not! Lancaster City is incredibly accessible on foot and has a variety of activities and establishments available that make it worth the walk, particularly during the summer when it’s nice out.

One of my favorite things to do with friends is find somewhere I can eat outside. Wallet in hand, I head downtown in search of a good spot to have dinner and a drink. Lancaster City has a number of restaurants with courtyards or rooftop dining, each one unique and no two the same. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor spots so far:


1. Altana Rooftop Lounge

Located on North King Street, Altana is a great spot to eat a light meal and grab a drink with friends on a warm summer night. A clear barrier surrounding the rooftop patio coupled with a grey-color scheme creates a clean and modern look that pairs well with a limited menu of light and classic dishes that look as good as they taste. Complete with a small stage and live music, Altana lives up to its claim to fame as “the ultimate urban escape.” Worried that your evening could be ruined by bad weather? Not a problem – Altana also has multiple indoor dining spaces.


2. Tellus360

Located just a few yards away from Altana, Tellus360’s Green Roof is another favorite spot to go. What’s a Green Roof? Good question. Looking around this verdant setup, it becomes clear that the goal was to combine a rooftop bar and dining scene with an organic outdoor experience. Upon further investigation, I discovered this rooftop garden setup has the additional bonus of reducing storm water runoff. Tellus360 has quickly become a go-to location for me, and the novelty of ordering a drink or cocktail that incorporates fresh grown herbs literally picked from the garden in front of me never gets old.


3. Lancaster Sweet Shoppe

Last but not least is Lancaster Sweet Shoppe on North Duke Street. A gourmet ice cream and chocolate shop, as well as the home of the Stroopie Co., Lancaster Sweet Shoppe is an ideal after-dinner dessert spot. In the rear of the store is additionally a door which leads out to a charming brick-enclosed patio. Grab some fantastic chocolate-covered pretzels, an ice cream cone, or a stroopie or two and head back on a warm evening to indulge with a sweet treat under the ambiance of string lights.





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