Prima Theatre hosts Brave & Beautiful drive-in concert

For the first time since February, I experienced live music this past weekend thanks to a drive-in performance of Prima Theatre’s Brave & Beautiful.

Liberty Place parking lot was transformed into an outdoor concert venue with a flatbed trailer as the stage (they also used the trailer to drive around the city for the parade version of the show). Attendees chose whether they wanted to tailgate from a distance or bring chairs to sit in front of the stage. For a true 50s drive-in experience, Prima offered seating in a row of classic convertibles, provided by Michael’s Motor Cars.

To prepare for the performance, we bought a smorgasbord of food from the on-site food truck, Scoops Grille. A feast of fried pickles, chicken fingers, fries, mac and cheese bites and fried apple pie bites à la mode scattered the trunk of my car.

As the sun set, the concert began. The talented crew belted out songs by Adele, Sara Bareilles, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin and more. After each song, applause and car horns erupted from the audience.

In between songs, the Prima crew talked about the many challenges this year brought us, with anecdotes of resilience and bravery in our community and other lighthearted stories, like a collection of tweets from married couples adapting to quarantine.

The performance reminded me of how much I missed the live music experience. Watching people dance and enjoy music together made me nostalgic for pre-COVID times, but it also gave me hope and reassurance that we can still safely enjoy the things we love in this new normal.

To learn more about Prima Theatre, click here.

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