Reasons to Smile

Our news feeds are cluttered with scary headlines and statistics surrounding the coronavirus. It is all anyone can talk about.

It is certainly an overwhelming time to be alive. While there is so much to stress about, we want to know what is making you smile.

We asked, and here is what you said.


“We are thankful that we are well and that we enjoy being in our house and walking about our property. Our Magnolia stellata is blooming its little heart out right now, its blossoms filling the air with its sweet perfume. Just smelling and looking at it lifts our spirits. If the corona virus had to come to us, I am so glad that it came at this time of year. Our earth’s beauty is a powerful stress-reliever – and never more so than in the springtime.” -Vivian of Pheasant Run Farm Bed and Breakfast 


 “Going for a walk and playing games with my pals online.” – Jess C. 


Cleaning and purging and enjoying a fresh room!” – Dyan E. 


“Went for a walk with our dog and 16 month old this beautiful morning and saw 2 ducks!” – LCM Instagram follower


“Honestly, our community is what’s keeping us smiling these days! Even though we had to close our physical studio space, our teachers have been sticking with us and their students, posting and recording virtual class offerings to keep our offerings going, no matter what! At first, we posted through Facebook Live and now we’ve started a West End Yoga Lancaster YouTube channel! We can’t pay the teachers this week, but they’re still generous enough to put up these classes for their students for free(!!). And we’re hearing from our students and community members that it is helping so much. It just feels like no matter what challenge we’re going through, we’re all sticking together and facing it together.” – Jonina at West End Yoga 


Seeing my friends beautiful faces on Google Hangout.” – Evie F. 


Photo Courtesy of Melinda H.

Melinda H. got an idea from a Facebook group called Heart Hunters. People across the country are putting hearts in their windows or out in their yard to spread their love and support to their neighbors during this time of social distancing. “As I was driving around town to pick up pizza the other night, I didn’t see any hearts and I thought it would bring our community together even more if each of us did see the same project,” Melinda said. So, she filled her windows with hearts for her fellow Lancastrians to see.


“Sunshine” – LCM Instagram follower


“I would say for the staff here at RCC, the things that have made us smile would be truly experiencing how much Lancaster City supports their local businesses and how so many people have gone out of their way to stop in and purchase gift cards or give us a shout out. Simply seeing how through such a stressful time, the people of Lancaster city have been so kind with their words to our staff of encouragement or going above and beyond leaving them tips way higher than necessary simply to help them financially. It has all but brought tears to my eyes (and a smile of course) to see how generous and kind the folks of Lancaster can be in times of difficulty.” – Rolled Cold Creamery 


“The ability to video chat with family and friends that I can’t visit in person right now!” – Kristin F. 


“Sunsets!!!” – Julie R. 


“Pennsylvania’s Beauty” – Samantha B.


“The sun is shining on me” – Barb B.


“Being alive” – Linda G. 


“Family dinners, walks, bike rides and game nights!” – Kyra M.


“Watching my favorite movies again – mostly Dirty Dancing.” – Angelina L. 


What is your reason to smile? Email me and let me know!

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