Special Occasions

Covid certainly impacted weddings, social events and corporate functions. Now, with such events back on the calendar, floral designers, caterers, venues and the like are once again transforming visions into reality. One such vendor, Special Occasions and Queen Street Linens, is being led by a new owner, Bev Kreider, who also happens to own Premier Linen Co., which is based in Marietta. When she was approached last year by Special O’s owner, Claudia Himes, to purchase the company’s inventory, Bev was excited by the prospect. However, her facility in Marietta was already at full capacity. So, Bev and her husband, Bruce, made an offer to buy Special O’s inventory and its North Queen Street headquarters. The transaction was completed last fall. (Premier Linen Co. continues to be based in Marietta.)

Bev welcomed visitors to an Open House at Special Occasions in late March. The event was held to introduce guests to Special O’s newest fabrics and the latest trends in dressing a table. Because of the pandemic, supplies had been limited due to manufacturing shutdowns and supply chain issues, but new fabric is now arriving. Two themes were obvious: nature and our continuing love affair with the color pink. Specialo.com

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