July-August 2023

Mount Joy: Agriculture

Grandview Vineyard represents one aspect of agriculture in the Mount Joy area. It’s part of the proliferation of vineyards and wineries across the state that has enabled Pennsylvania to be ...Read More

Mount Joy: History

Drive out Donegal Springs Road and you will encounter a place steeped in history and surrounded by beauty. I’m speaking of Donegal Presbyterian Church, which observed its 300th anniversary in 2021 ...Read More

Spelt: The Local Grain Economy

An ancient cereal grain that originated in Europe, spelt is growing in popularity. Versatile in its delicate gluten profile, it’s an excellent substitute for all-purpose flour while offering better flavor ...Read More

Award-Winning Barbeque & A Casual Atmosphere

Open since 2011, Harvey’s Main Street Bar-B-Q has become one of Mount Joy’s favorite dining destinations. Owner Harvey Schademan is not a newcomer to the barbeque scene – he’s been ...Read More

Peace Kids to the Rescue

In 2018, six-year-old Lucas Kreider told his mom, Sophia, that he wanted to create an art show to help those who are less fortunate. Lucas pitched his idea to Lancaster ...Read More

Off The Well-Beaten Path

From mansion museums to miniature horse farms, Lancaster County is full of nearly hidden gems that   satisfy a visitor’s demand to see something truly unique to this area.  Friends and ...Read More

June is Busting Out All Over!

Summer arrives June 20! It’s the perfect time to get outdoors and celebrate the season. Music! The arrival of summer means concerts

Three Trends to Try in Your Garden

It’s that time of the year! Garden season! Will you be hauling out the same garden art this year? Buying

Takeaways From the 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show That You

The Philadelphia Flower Show, which serves as harbinger of spring, runs deeper than displays of pretty flowers. More importantly, it

The Green Room

Appropriately enough, the creator of this space, David Gelatt, is not only an avid gardener but has long been a


Serendipity is defined as making “unexpected and fortunate discoveries.” Such is the professional and personal relationship that exists between Dwight

Say Olá to Thomas Augusto dos Santos Claro

Meet a stranger from another part of the world (and even from another generation) and the saying that we have

A Night in Morocco

Driving down a bamboo-lined drive on a humid summer night, a farmhouse appears at the bottom of the hill. Overlooking

Rafe Hottenstein’s Passion for Cooking Shines at Josephine’s

Growing up in the restaurant industry sparked Rafe Hottenstein’s passion for cooking – a passion he’s now sharing as executive