A “March” in Alabama

The Selma-to-Montgomery March of 1965 is celebrating its 50th anniversary this upcoming weekend. I don’t remember that era, personally, because I wasn’t even a twinkle ...Read More

Snow Daze!

The blizzard of ’93, or what meteorologists called The Storm of the Century, in Alabama was the most snow I’ve ever experienced. We received about ...Read More

Not a Native

I moved to Lancaster about five months ago. What brought me to the area was my fiancé Justin. First, I fell in love with him, ...Read More

My 10 Favorite Things About My Least Favorite Time of Year

Since I’m the blogger for Where & When, Pennsylvania’s Travel Guide you probably expect me to say that all seasons in PA are created equal, right? ...Read More

Christmas Joy in a Potato Chip Can

Each year, just after Christmas so many of us say, “next year is going to be different.” Yet, we rush from this circular to this ...Read More

Best of Lancaster County – Staff Picks!

One of the joys of working at Lancaster County magazine is seeing the results of our “Best of Lancaster” Readers’ Survey before anyone else does. ...Read More

More Mysteries of the River Town

This month’s issue includes a feature on Columbia I wrote called “Mysteries of the River Town.” Even at 10 pages, there still wasn’t enough room ...Read More