Column: Something to Wine About July-August 2024

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Wine and Weather

Weather has a decided impact on grapes. Poor weather early in the season can affect how the plants grow and

Debunking Wine Myths

Wine is a complex subject. All the terminology. All the perceived rules. All the subjectivity on what’s good and what’s
Oldenburg Vineyards
Oldenburg Vineyards

A South African Wine Safari

Let’s say you’re thinking about taking a vacation to wine country. Where would you go? Napa? Oregon? France? Italy? Joanne

Sip & Paint Nights are a Hit in Lancaster

Wine and art have a lot in common. Each is creative, as both winemakers and artists put trademark style into

Wine from the Stars

Let’s face it: Star power sells. From the George Foreman Grill to diapers from Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, celebrity products

Wine … A to Z

Wine has a language all its own. And, just like any second language you set out to learn, it takes

Saying “I Do” to a Vineyard Wedding

What better place is there to get married than a vineyard?  This month, to celebrate the heart of outdoor wedding

A Sip of Wine … An Afternoon in

Nothing says “summer” like slipping off your shoes and enjoying a cold beverage outdoors. And, nothing says “successful beverage-tasting event” like